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Pakistan Education System – Full Documentary with Video

Pakistan Education System: The Pakistani Taliban attack on the school which resulted in the massacre of 141 students and teachers is the most violent terrorist attack in Pakistan history.

Pakistan Education System Documentary Video

Pakistan Education System

In the spring of 2014 in a poll by the Pew Research Center on the main security threat to Pakistan. India 25% plane send Glendale Kaiser. Despite numerous attacks by terrorist groups in Pakistan the country over the past two decades Pakistani Society on the whole has not developed a negative attitude towards terrorists. Freedom is actually justified by some sections of the society.

Indianapolis of this phenomenon experts consider something as such as inefficient to call me on my way to the unemployment claims conflict political instability and bureaucratic corruption as the main reasons for the Turning of Pakistan into one of the main bases for activities of extremist groups.

In fact one of the most influential factors contributing to the continuation and growth of the social context for the development of extremists out and support the terrorist groups is the Pakistani educational system.

More than half of the 195 million population the age of 25. Uses for the element of the educational infrastructure is a major and constant sent by the government. Mistakes provided by the World Bank the proportion of the cost of Education to GDP is just 2% in Pakistan that statistic that ranks the country 100 and 72nd in the world.

List low GDP investment is 2.25 million. The education levels are divided into primary school middle second’ry school and high school and the average number of students per class is faulty but sometimes depending on the region this number May reach up to 80 students in public schools.

Pakistan Education System : 10 Minutes

Education in Pakistan is delivered mainly in the order language with some goals has told him English. Utilized in the classroom is based on the presentation of a large amount of textbook material in each lesson information. There was no encouragement for the students to ask questions of the teacher or to express criticism of the content and so really doesn’t atmosphere of dialogue occur in the classroom.

Apart from the imperfection of the educational system in the schools and the monologue centered approach the class population be in public or private and the school geography also influenced his thoughts on extremism.

Wine and some private schools teachers full of more modern methods and encouraged the students to search the internet for Wikipedia to compliment textbook. The coolest content is presented with an absolute emphasis on the textbooks.

Pakistan Education System : And the teachers generally do not provide any educational services independent of the textbook. And said the students are not encouraged to verify the the lack of dialogue and debate on campus so I’m not accustomed to conducting research educational materials and equipment in schools have all contributed to an end for the damages the student’s ability to be competitive in the hierarchical Society of Pakistan. In the business world it is not surprising that only 5.1% of 2 university in pakistan.

This is why I 41% of the students in Malaysia and 17% of students in India go to universities. Something produces a limb proportion of educated and skilled labor force in Pakistan. Millions of unskilled Pakistani you’ve become the main supplier of unskilled labor for neighboring countries and was some develop a strong propensity to join terrorist groups operating going to material provision. Shahbaz Sharif Punjab chief minister said in an interview in 2013 Education will comprehensively defeat terrorism and militancy. Seems that the first step to improve education and to change the existing situation is the modification of the educational system.

Notification of the educational system and the curriculum in Pakistan to date was on the General Lee out of hats. In the light. The subject Pakistan studies was included in the curriculum at all educational levels since then thanks but I just ate a disease in the book entitled the murder of History a critique of History textbooks used in Pakistan and aah and I are in the book The subtle subversion the state of curricula and textbooks in Pakistan 1991 have raised criticism of the many apparent errors existing in the textbooks used.

The curriculum has the justification of aggression and the motivation of prejudice. In the textbooks the majority of problems and Imperfections of Pakistan as well as the root of many aggressive measures in the country is all attributed to India. History of the location of the country in the sub-continent is not consistent. In 2004 president General pervez Musharraf in response to the criticism of the school curriculum ordered a reform and since the Year 2006 students have been trained according to a new syllabus. Snow being included in textbooks since the 2006 reforms. Who did most products.
The changes disappointed most push ups with ADHD are calling it a missed opportunity in a research paper about Pakistan School curriculum peace in 2015 it is noted that in the textbook of Punjab 10th grade understanding Pakistan words like hatred destruction and Paul are used to characterize Hindu.

Some of the independence the name of the India’s congress party is generally associated with evil. The explanations of the relations between Pakistan and the West are rules of a in the textbooks and contradictory with historical realities. Understanding Pakistan the main reason for the relations between Pakistan and the West is said to be economical while for many years according to Pakistani politicians and media the reason for the expansion of terrorist groups in the country was said to be the result of Pakistan’s military and security cooperation with America in the war in Afghanistan.

According to the research published by the United States Institute of Peace issues related to the rights of religious minorities another dressed in Pakistan Education System.
Little concentration is given to any terrorist attack on people of sheer Hope Christian faith. In a country where just 57% of the population of literate and which ranks 146 in the human development index millions of the population who are excluded from equal employment opportunity and social welfare considered a violent operations of the terrorist groups and something akin to a rebellion against social injustice.

I’m trying to justify terrorism a large number thanks how about the massacre in December 2014 as a turning point in terms of the sympathetic attitudes of many pakistani’s towards terrorist groups. The young generations of pakistanis and redefining the phenomenon in the school curriculum. In this way that the voices of people like they did they’d have made the famous conspiracy theorist who believes in vehicle the messages what happened in Pakistan in the feature.

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