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How to get Amazon Free RDP for one year

how you can get free amazon rdp for one year no charges no block no suspend no risk here is the technique:

How to get Amazon Free RDP for one year

How to get Amazon Free RDP for one year

1.first of all you need to download wirexapp in android or ios.
2.then it will say create account then you have to go to https://e-coin.io create free account.
3.use textnow.com to verify number.
4.use any email to create accout.
5.after account created sigin to wirexapp using that account.
6.then go to setting click create profile.
7.use fake info get it from fakenamegenerator.com
8.then finally go to aws.amazon.com and signup.
9.then again use same fake info and credit card you ordered usign wirexapp and info you have used while creating wirexapp account profile in step 6.
10.when it comes to phone verification use your own number and then will call you then you have to read the pin shown on your screen if this steps fail then after multiple attempts you will not be able to verify for 48 hours this the most critical step and most of the people got stuck in it.
11.after that they will verify your aws services account and you will get the mail that account is sucessfully activated.
12.final step go to google and search how to create ec2 machine amazon aws.
13.watch a video step by step and enjoy the free rdp use it for youtube.

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sorry i was not able to create video because of time shortage.

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  1. Thanks for the amazing post. Will try to get Amazon free RDP as soon as possible.

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