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Kangaroo Is A $99 Portable Windows 10 PC With A Rechargeable Battery :

The PC on-a-stick market isn’t exactly competitive if we’re being honest. To be fair, no one except inventors and hobbyists need these systems but that hasn’t stopped people from trying and the latest effort is the Kangaroo. It comes courtesy of InFocus and runs on Windows 10.

Perhaps its biggest merit (apart from Windows 10) is that it comes with a rechargeable battery, said to last four hours. Virtually none of its portable competitors have that and you need a power source at all times. All in a package the size of a smartphone.

The other talking point is the price. At $99, it is one of the cheapest systems available. The specs are modest, which is to be expected.


You get an Intel Atom x5 processor clocked at 1.44 Ghz, with 2 GB DDR3 RAM and 32 GB of eMMC storage, which is expandable (and you’ll likely take that route as just around 18 GB is available at startup). It connects with monitors via HDMI and has an integrated Intel HD Graphics chip. You also get two USB (2.0 + 3.0) ports.

Innovative solutions such as the InFocus Kangaroo built on Windows 10 delivers great flexibility at a reasonable price, helping customers to be even more productive while on the go. – Microsoft Vice President for Worldwide OEM Marketing, Peter Han

To spice things up, you get a fingerprint scanner on the side for Windows Hello integration, as well as Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Windows 10 Home should ensure that the PC runs at a reasonable speed, though, you can’t really expect much more.

Products like the Kangaroo are not really that essential but they make us realize that there are always tinkerers around. And at $99, you don’t need a fortune to play with one either.

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