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North Oldham sweeps 2A, Region Three team, individual titles | USA Today High School Sports

Trenton Fryman of North Oldham held off a furious challenge by David Jacobs of Shelby County to win the boys Class 2A, Region Three title at Seneca Park Saturday. Meanwhile, Erin Edmundson of North Oldham won the girls title by more than a minute.

The team title was just as close as the Fryman/Jacobs battle, with North Oldham edging Shelby County while Collins and Spencer County also advanced to State. On the girls side, North Oldham, Collins and Shelby County finished 1-2-3 to move on.

“I had a pretty well executed race plan,” said Fryman. “I kind of stayed relaxed and didn’t work too hard until that second mile. Then I made up some ground on my competitors. It worked out pretty well. I started to pull away a little bit. I could definitely feel (Jacobs) coming. I think I used a little more energy in that second mile than he did. I was able to pull off that big kick I needed to put him away at the finish line.”

Jacobs was using a pretty big kick of his own.

“I almost got Trent,” he said. “I managed to pass up Alex (McClarty) at the end of those last 200 meters. I tried to settle in the first mile and second mile. That last mile I just gave it a real good finishing kick to try to pass as many people as I could.”


On the girls side, Edmundson ran away with the race, but all eyes were on Collins’ Gabby Karas, the three-time champion who has battled back from shin splints this season.

“I just started training three weeks ago,” said Karas. “Part of that time I was away in Florida, so I couldn’t train much. And just this past week I had strep throat. Today was just a workout. I was trying for a 6:15 pace the entire time, and I was able to do that so it was just a good workout to see how I could do. I don’t know when I’ll be able to actually race again but hopefully it will be soon.”

Edmundson did one of the hardest things to do in cross country racing, she raced by herself.

“I looked behind me a couple times looking for someone,” she said. “I felt pretty good the whole time. There were a couple of hills early on that were pretty steep. I was happy to win the team title. We have girls who are just trying to get their minds in the right place, focus on state and just be ready to give it our all.”

Christian Academy’s Clara Lynch was happy with second, and happy for Karas.

“It was a really good race,” she said. “When it started out it wasn’t too fast or too slow. Erin went out and ran a really good race. I was really happy to see Gabby back out there. I just kind of ran with her. The second mile was pretty tough but I felt really good. I was pretty happy to finish second.”



Trenton Fryman, North Oldham, 15:42.14
David Jacobs, Shelby County, 15:49.24
Alex McClarty, North Oldham, 15:56.26
Matthew Paverd, Shelby County, 16:29.45
Kory Eades, Shelby County, 16:35.99
Steven Ott, Christian Academy of Louisville, 16:44.67
Mason Beard, North Oldham, 16:48.08
Jacob Hershberger, Collins, 16:55.95
Aaron Kay-Anthony, North Oldham, 16:58.93
Tyler Bates, Shelby County, 17:02.60
Zeke Gillette, North Oldham, 17:23.95
Ezekiel Harless, Shelby County, 17:30.17
Will Gillette, North Oldham, 17:32.88
Hunter Wethington, Spencer County, 17:42.50
Zach Williams, Spencer County, 17:44.16


North Oldham 31, 2. Shelby County 33, 3. Collins 92, 4. Spencer County 98, 5. CAL 108, 6. Valley 201, 7. Fairdale 205.



Erin Edmundson, North Oldham, 18:16.70
Clara Lynch, CAL, 19:17.99
Gabby Karas, Collins, 19:39.06
Madalyn O’Dea, CAL, 19:49.18
Anna Costelle, North Oldham, 20:00.48
Madeline Petty, Collins, 20:11.75
Sarah Hollingsworth, Shelby County, 20:27.53
Lucy Wiedmar, North Oldham, 20:27.56
Alana Fielding, Collins, 20:46.80
Caitlyn Roberts, North Oldham, 20:49.60
Abriella Edelen, Shelby County, 21:04.63
Lindsey Bush, Spencer County, 21:09.38
Janey Thompson, Henry County, 21:17.30
Hannah Stumbo, Collins, 21:23.11
Allison Byers, North Oldham, 21:33.42


North Oldham 38, 2. Collins 57, 3. Shelby County 76, 4. CAL 78, 5. Henry County 94, 6. Valley 173.

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