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Muslim women in India decorate palms of Hindu women for Karwa Chauth

While many workin­g Hindu women workin­g take the day off, Muslim women rise to the occasi­on instea­d



BHOPAL: Burqa clad henna artists in India took up the task of decorating the palms of fasting Hindu women and helped them complete the ’16 shringars’ for their husbands on the day of Karwa Chauth.

“I love this festival of Karwa Chauth. This is such an emotional moment for women who love her husbands and fast for them. I can’t do it because my religion doesn’t permit it, but it gives me immense satisfaction when I see these women blush on the day of Karwa Chauth,” Zubina Sheikh, one of the henna artists said.

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“Most of them come along with their husbands who sit with them and tell them how good the mehndi looks,” added Zubina, who has been a henna artist for seven years.

The Muslim henna artists filled different markets across the city, preparing Hindu women for the special night with their beautiful henna designs.

One of the visitors, Arpita Sharma said, “Their contribution in our ’16 shringars’ shows that we are incomplete without them. They’re the best henna artists.”

While many Hindu women working in beauty salons or as henna artists take the day off on Karwa Chauth, Muslim women rise to the occasion instead.

Another visitor, Charupreet Kaur, said, “I have been searching the markets since 11am. I’m so glad I found Abida at market no. 10. If I hadn’t found her, I’d have had to do without henna this Karwa Chauth.”

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Another Hindu woman, Mahima Parulkar said, “We spoke a lot while Hasina was drawing designs on my palm. She was keenly interested in the details of how Karwa Chauth is celebrated.”

This article originally appeared on Times of India

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