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Top 10 Morning Shows 2015: Ratings & Popularity

Top 10 Morning Shows 2015: Ratings & Popularity

If you’re a Pakistani – by now you would have heard enough morning shows gossips to know that despite turning up their noses, a wide population of Pakistan find them a great source of entertainment and somewhat information.

These hour-long morning show extravaganza are almost every female’s to-go place to get a beautiful yet trendy design for their new dress.

However, have you ever wondered which of the morning shows are most popular in terms of TRPs? Go through the list and let us know if your favourite show is on the list or not. Also, check out the TRP ratings for Top Morning Shows in Pakistan, as taken from Kantar (Media Logic).

Pakistani Morning Shows 2015

Good Morning Pakistan

Hosted by the gorgeous Nida Yasir, this show has managed to bag a TRP of 0.6. It airs on ARY Digital from Monday till Friday at 9 am. The main purpose of this show is to energize the viewer’s day, give them information about what is going on in the world and give them insights in some of the viewer’s famous celebrity’s life.

Launched in 2011, the producers also claim to have the first mover’s advantage since they were the first one in their kind to enter the market through ARY.

Good Morning Pakistan

Jago Pakistan Jago

Also launched in 2011, Jago Pakistan Jago has a solid TRP of 0.5. No matter what the show’s mandate is, the majority of the audience is attracted towards this show due to Sanam Jung, the ultimate eye candy and the host of the show. Sanam is the perfect person for a morning show which aims to fill viewer’s morning with warm chemistry and addictive energy.

The show airs on HUM TV from Monday to Friday from 9 am till 11 am.

jago pakistan jago

Subah Savere Samaa ke Saath

It is actually very surprising to see a show hosted by our very own Sahir Lodhi on number THREE since he is someone Pakistanis love to hate. Guess the aunties are still very much in love with our famous RJ. This show airs on Samaa TV every Monday to Friday at 9:05 am.

With a TRP of 0.5, this show aims to target the emotions of people in order to bring a little change.

sahir Lodhi Morning Show

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Utho Geo Pakistan

Released recently in 2015, Utho Geo Pakistan is hosted by the ageless beauty ‘Bushra Ansari’. Abandoning the recent trend of young TV hosts, Geo TV managed to stand put quite well with its peppy yet experienced host.

For a newly released show to manage a TRP of 0.5 does tell us volumes about the popularity of the host, which the producers have banked on quite well. The show airs on Geo TV every Monday to Friday from 9 am till 11 am.

Utho Geo Pakistan

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The Morning Show

Though not very creative with the name, the Morning Show is run by a creative bunch of people at least. Why do I say so? Because noticing the time crunch on Monday to Friday morning from 9 to 11 am. The show airs on Saturdays and Sundays as well. This helps in targeting diversified pockets of our society and that is why, it has a TRP of 0.3.


The show’s main aim is to make people acknowledge the fact that it is their own show as well and would focus on the solutions of their problems and their likes and dislikes. The show is hosted by the very talented Sanam Baloch.

Subah ki Kahani

Started in early 2015, this show stars the gorgeous ‘Madiha Naqvi’ and has a TRP of 0.2. This show brings fun and laughter to the morning of the viewers and gives them a chance to know their favourite celebrities better. It airs on Geo Kahani every Monday to Friday at 9 am.

subaah ki kahani

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Sitaray ki Subah

Marking Shaista Lodhi’s comeback, Sitaray ki Subah is a fun-filled morning show which airs on Hum Sitaray every Monday to Thursday at 9 am. The show has a TRP of 0.2. Released on August 2015, the show provides a stage for a glorious morning to win exciting prizes and talk to different celebrities.

hum sitaray

Aaj Subh

Aired on Aaj News, Aaj Subh stars Nusrat Haris. It has a TRP of 0.1 and aims to provide a whole new dimension to the lives of its viewers with different features like fitness, cooking, health, celebrities etc. You can watch it every Monday to Friday at 9 am.

aaj subah

Yeh hai Zindagi Today

‘Learn how to lead a richer life with Saira Kabeer’ is the show’s basic offering. Airing on Dawn News, the show has a TRP of 0.1.

Ye Hai Zindagi

News Café Morning Show

Incorporating the idea of new with a morning show, News Café makes a very different offering. It aims to provide everyday news, celebrity’s know-how and food related news with a different twist. The shows airs on Abb Takk every Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am till 11 am and is hosted by Faheem Abbas and Wajeeha Khan.


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What do you think of the list? Do you think the ratings are fair? Let us know.




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