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‘No Bhabi No’: Twitter reacts to #ImranRehamdivorce



It was no surprise that as Imran Khan and Reham Khan announced their divorce the world took to social media to give their two cents on the short-lived marriage.

The hash tag #RehamKhan was trending worldwide on the second spot – and on the top spot in Pakistan.

Imran, Reham divorce with mutual consent

While some have been sensitive to the couple’s divorce on social media, others were not so forgiving.

Here’s a look at some tweets making the rounds on Twitter:

There were tweets of support:

Sorry to see some channels dropping all decency norms on divorce of @ImranKhanPTI @RehamKhan1. Fair comment should not include muck-raking

— SenatorSherryRehman (@sherryrehman) October 30, 2015

Am sorry on the divorce of @imrankhan and @RehamKhan1 It is sad for them and I wish both of them personal happiness in the future

— Dr. Arif Alvi (@ArifAlvi) October 30, 2015

Sad to hear about ImranKhan and sister Reham Khan. But our prayers are with you both and we all wish you both the best for the future.

— Saqlain Mushtaq (@Saqlain_Mushtaq) October 30, 2015

Good luck to both @RehamKhan1 @ImranKhanPTI. These things happen.

— Abbas Nasir (@abbasnasir59) October 30, 2015

Wishing all the best to Imran and Reham Khan for their personal lives. Breaking up of a marriage is not a happy thing…

— Mehr Tarar (@MehrTarar) October 30, 2015

As well as some advice for the road ahead:

@RehamKhan1 Dear Reham, I will suggest you to start a new life as human rights defender.

— Ansar Burney (@AnsarBurney) October 30, 2015

Others weren’t so forgiving:

If IK didnt want his personal life public then why did he make his personal life PUBLIC.

— Aseefa B Zardari (@AseefaBZ) October 30, 2015

#Earthquake is what Pakistani leaders should be tweeting Abt not their personal lives 4 other people 2 stop talking Abt it kindly

— meena gabeena (@gabeeno) October 30, 2015

Pl be aware, U turn ahead #RehamKhan pic.twitter.com/Vt7u8DnAS3

— Yasir Pirzada (@YasirPirzada) October 30, 2015

The only benefit of Dharna has became loss today.

— معذرت کے ساتھ (@halizaidi) October 30, 2015

Then there were some rather strange ones, such as:

What a great man Imran Khan is.
First left wife for Pakistan , now left wife for his ideology against family politics.

— Shahid ツ (@ShahidSrfraz) October 30, 2015

But that’s where we will stop, because:

Taking jibes at women and assassinating their character should be declared our national sport. #RehamKhan

— Faran Rafi (@faranrafi) October 30, 2015

Others were over it already:

Come on people ! It was just a divorce can we move on now? #RehamKhan

— Musab Irfan (@Nat_musab) October 30, 2015

But most felt like this, basically:

@ImranKhanPTI soo sooo sooo sadd…our national bhabiiiiii

— shah nawa (@nawazhumjana) October 30, 2015

There were your regular funny ones:

Imran Khan be like: Thank you Raheel Sharif

— Ali Qasim (@aliqasim) October 30, 2015

Even uday chopra’s career lasted longer than imran khan’s marriage.

— Deepjyoti Bharali (@DocTrolLol) October 30, 2015

Now people are waiting for Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen divorce.

— Sallu bhai (@SalmanNaseer) October 30, 2015

IK atleast now give a chance to merra. #RehamKhan

— Mian Bilal (@MianBilal06) October 30, 2015

Imran khan single again …..
Meera : me 2 🙂 #RehamKhan #ImranRehamDivorce

— Ayesha Butt (@eshbutt) October 30, 2015

Fake account, but worth a mention:

The most hilarious comment i heard is that IK wanted sympathy votes before LB Elections


— Shoaib Akhtar (@ShoaibAkhtar42) October 30, 2015

A moment of silence for this atrocity:

#WeTrustKhanSahb First marriage of Quaid e Azam lasted for 10 years and his second marriage lasted for 9 months! This was his personal life

— Farhan Khan Virk (@FarhanKVirk) October 30, 2015

And lets round it up with this (fake account’s) tweet perfection:

We are ready to adopt farhan virk if none from imran & Reham takes custody of him. We will use him as afghan mujhaddin in kashmir.#RehamKhan

— Zaid Hamid (@ZaidZamaanHamid) October 30, 2015

While many had something or the other to say, all eyes were on one account: Jemima, Imran Khan’s first wife.
She did have something to say about falling for the ‘wrong one’:

I’m falling for him. Love a wrong’un https://t.co/N7voiucSg1

— Jemima Goldsmith (@Jemima_Khan) October 29, 2015

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