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iPhone 7 May Feature the Apple Watch-Like OLED Display

iPhone 7 May Feature the Apple Watch-Like OLED Display

It has been reported that iPhone 7 will be the first smartphone of company to come up with OLED display like that of Apple Watch.

News are also doing around that Samsung is in the business with Apple for making these OLED screens for both Apple Watch and the next iPhone that is yet to be released.

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OLED displays have huge demand in Android market because these specially designed screens give a better black contrast and consume less power comparatively to others. The inky black OLED screens don’t need to light up pixels when in black, thus more power efficiency raises its bar among the other competitors.

iphone 7-Apple Watch.Brandsynario

Apple always wants to improve battery life of its flagship phones that’s why now moving to OLED displays that have already been adopted by other leading smartphone brands for Android quite a while ago.

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To take the final decision in this regard, the company has marked November 2015 deadline after which it will gear up for the production phase of iPhone 7 that will be available in a year.

Apple Watch can give a glimpse of the future’s iPhone, let’s see how well the OLED technology is utilized and what changes the company brings in its iPhone 7 at mobile platform.




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