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Here are Heidi Klum’s most outrageous Halloween looks.

Here are Heidi Klum’s most outrageous Halloween looks.


Halloween is just around the corner and no one embraces the spirit of the occasion as much as model Heidi Klum. The former Victoria’s Secret angel is known for the outrageous looks she sports at her self-hosted annual Halloween Ball, where she usually transforms herself to the point of unrecognition. From dressing up as a skinless corpse to a gorilla to a life-sized butterfly, Heidi goes the extra mile to get into character.

The German beauty devises her outfit months before Halloween and it takes an Oscar-winning make-up team to get her look together, complete with the use of prosthetics, body paint, wigs, customised costumes and accessories. In a 2013 interview with Parade magazine, Heidi said, “I take Halloween very seriously, so I’m not a fan of a thrown-together costume. I’d rather stay home than go out in an uninspired costume.” Here are some of the Halloween queen’s most ‘spooktacular’ costumes.

In her ripe old age

In 2013, Heidi stunned everyone by dressing up as a 95-year-old version of herself. This was the supermodel’s 14th annual Halloween bash, where she embraced her older self while still 40. She got into character sporting a white wig, a skirt suit, pearls and a cane. The look was perfection, boasting attention to detail with wrinkly prosthetics, a hunched spine, blue spider veins and aging spots on her body, created by make-up maestros Bill Corso and Mike Marino (the same guys behind Boardwalk Empire’s Black Swan look).

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The ‘pharoahest’ of them all

Heidi Klum was a glamorous, head-turning sight, dressed as Cleopatra at her 13th annual Halloween bash. Her face was jewel-encrusted with hundreds of coloured rhinestones as she wore a bold glittery gown with elephantine winged sleeves. She also donned a large black wig with dreadlocks topped with a golden head-piece with five ruby-eyed cobra heads hissing on it. Once again, Heidi was the centre of attention at her own party.

Of corpse she can

Is that a dead man? Yikes! No, it’s Heidi back as a skinless corpse, another one of Heidi’s outrageous and creepy looks. The supermodel had her body painted into a muscular skeleton, and donned yellow prosthetic teeth, red contact lenses and a bald head cap, outdoing fellow Halloween revellers. She’s one of the few female Hollywood celebrities who don’t shy away from the ‘unsexy’ look and we love it.

The robot reboot

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In 2010, Heidi went all out again, dressed as an ultra-tall robotic superhero for her annual bash with her then-husband Seal. The ‘alien transformer’ costume was designed by Martin Izquierdo, who is known for creating the famous Victoria’s Secret angel wings. The make-up procedure took several hours as the model’s entire face was covered in purple glitter for the look. Although the outfit looks difficult and uncomfortable, the model said she was well-prepared to walk in the outfit, which had built-in stilts and had her towering at eight feet.

Heidi’s over-the-tops looks have everyone anticipating what she will dress up as this year. According to one keen observer, she might dress up as cartoon character Jessica Rabbit this year. What do you think?

Published in The Express Tribune, October 30th, 2015.

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