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‘Maal Hai?’ MTV spoofs India’s beef ban

The video posted by MTV, shows a satiri­cal take on the reperc­ussion­s of bannin­g beef in India

Screengrab of video

Screengrab of video

A recent incident in Uttarpradesh, India, where a Muslim family was attacked by a Hindu mob over suspicions on beef consumption sparked global uproar not just within the Muslim community.

A video posted by MTV, shows a satirical take on the repercussions of banning beef in India, and seeks to show how it would affect most Muslims in India as well Hindus who oppose the ban.

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The video starts with a nervous, young man in conversation with an older man over what seems like an exchange of money for drugs as he as he asks him, “maal hai?”

The man, named Mukhtar, responds to this with another question, “Which one?”. Mukhtar confirms he has “Hyderabadi” and the boy without hesitation replies, “It’ll do.” The man then questions the boy on how much of this product he is willing to buy in terms of weight, and a location is decided to carry out this exchange of unknown goods, along with a secret code: “I need a hug, bro.”

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As the boy reaches the meeting point, along with his friend, he sees Mukhtar, standing on a pavement. He asks his friend to wait on his motorbike as he walks towards Mukhtar. He nervously whispers the secret code earlier given to him. Unexpectedly, Mukhtar throws a forced hug at him and reaches out for the money, discreetly making his way into the boy’s back pocket. The boy, confused, but later realising this, does the same to reach out to collect his “maal.”

At this point, as the boys reach home, the viewer waits for the video to finally ease the suspense and confirm the product to be an illegal drug. However, confusion grows as the boy places the mysterious product wrapped in an Urdu newspaper, on a table..”

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The next scene shows the boy opening up the Urdu newspaper, revealing two beef steaks.

Watch the video here:

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