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6 tips to help you get the perfect sleep

Having trouble sleeping? These tips might help. PHOTO: RSVPMAGAZINE

Having trouble sleeping? These tips might help. PHOTO: RSVPMAGAZINE

Bed-time can be a nightmare if you struggle with insomnia, but thankfully there are some simple ways of ensuring you get a good night’s sleep, claims Mirror.

Follow these six simple tips to help you get the perfect sleep”

1. Follow a regular wind-down routine


Allow your brain to switch off by avoiding checking emails or social media for 90 minutes before bedtime. Instead, read a book, listen to relaxing music or take a warm bath.

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2. Exercise often


During the winter people are often less motivated to exercise regularly, but it’s really important to continue working out. Exercise is a very effective way of reducing stress hormone levels that enable deeper sleep.

3. Minimise stimulants


The caffeine in one cup of coffee can take up to 10 hours to leave your system. Dehydration is a key cause of frequent waking or ‘shallow’ sleep, so increase your fluid intake by drinking more water, herbal teas and diluted fruit juices before bed.

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4. Clean your whereabouts before getting in bed 


Making your bedroom tranquil, calm and free from clutter, junk and technology will help you become more relaxed and allow you to rest better.

5. Avoid having a heavy meal before bedtime


Avoid having a heavy meal before bedtime, have a small snack instead. Snacking during the day on foods such as yoghurt, nuts, fruits, seeds and lean meats will also keep your blood sugar level stable, which results in a better night’s sleep.

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6. Change your sleep mindset


The more pressure we put on ourselves to fall sleep, the less likely we are to actually fall asleep. It’s often more beneficial to focus on getting some good quality rest, rather than sleep – then you’ll be surprised by how quickly you doze off.

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