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208 Pakistanis died during 2015 Hajj season: religious ministry

99 pilgri­ms lost their lives in Mina stampe­de, 12 in crane crash incide­nt, wherea­s 97 died from natura­l causes­



ISLAMABAD: According to the list of casualties finalised by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, as many as 208 Pakistanis died during the 2015 Hajj season.

The list says 99 Pakistani pilgrims lost their lives in Mina stampede, 12 in the crane crash incident, whereas 97 died from natural causes.

Owing to these incidents, the toll jumped to 208 this year, as compared to 87 deaths in 2014 and 93 in 2013.

Still missing

The government has not yet been able to determine the whereabouts of four Iqama holders; two of whom went through private Hajj tour operators whereas one through government’s Hajj scheme.

Meanwhile, a senior official of the ministry, who wished not to be named, said Pakistani government was still searching for the missing pilgrims as it is expected that they might be alive and got displaced.

“It is because they have searched almost all the hospitals and mortuaries but could not find them,” he said.

Pakistan Hajj mission’s ground staff slammed for incompetence

Mina stampede

Among those Pakistani pilgrims who died in the Mina incident which took place on September 24 , 56 went through private Hajj tour operators, 26 through government Hajj scheme while the rest were Iqama (residence permit) holders. Another two pilgrims had sustained injuries.

Crane crash

Two Pakistani pilgrims, who died in the crane incident, which occurred on September 11 in Makkah, went to perform Hajj through the government’s hajj scheme, four through private Hajj operators while six were Iqama holders.


Since October 28, after the last batch of Pakistani pilgrims returned to the country, the ministry has started paying compensation to the heirs of the deceased and injured pilgrims.

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