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4 reasons walking is actually a hardcore exercise

Fitnes­s traine­rs highly recomm­end walkin­g for a better and health­ier life

Fitness trainers highly recommend walking for a better and healthier life. PHOTO: ORGANICLIFESTYLE.COM

Fitness trainers highly recommend walking for a better and healthier life. PHOTO: ORGANICLIFESTYLE.COM

Walking has numerous health benefits ranging from weight loss to improved cardiovascular health. Many doctors and trainers highly recommend this simple yet powerful exercise for a better and healthier life, but very few people actually incorporate it into their daily workouts.

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Here are four reasons why walking is beneficial for you and why you should make it an integral part of your daily routine:

1. Walking provides serious health benefits


Weight loss, lowering of blood sugar levels and improved cardiovascular strength are just some of the many benefits of walking. It has also been shown that counting steps while walking helps in prevention or delay of gestational diabetes in women.

A study from the University of Cambridge showed that you can reduce chances of an early death by 16 to 30 per cent by brisk walking for just 20 minutes daily. Another research from Japan found that a basic interval walking program for the elderly (three minutes fast pace walking and then three minutes strolling) led to increased thigh strength and lower resting blood pressure.

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2. It is easier to maintain in the long run


If you join an expensive, difficult exercise class, you’re more likely to quit after some time as compared to walking which is free and easy and you can do it practically anywhere. Walking does not require any complex techniques or training and works for everyone.

In addition to that, walking is better than running for the long run because it has a lesser impact on your lower back, hips and knees which makes it easier to continue whereas you might quit running because of the pain in your back or knees.

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Trainers recommend alternating intervals and walking with friends or while listening to music to keep it more fun.

3. It gives you a mental break

Walking meetings allow you to think freely. PHOTO: COCA-COLACOMPANY.COM

Walking requires minimal mental energy and thus helps your mind relax. A research from Stanford University proved that walking gives your creativity a boost both during and shortly after it. Other studies have shown that walking in a natural milieu can help reduce stress and lift your mood.

This is especially beneficial for when you are on a vacation. Exploring a new place on foot gives an unparalleled experience and also gives you a workout while vacationing.

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4. If you make walking a part of your lifestyle, you won’t even realise you’re doing it after some time


Because of all the modern modes of transport available, we hardly walk anymore – even if it’s a short distance. Our elders used to walk on foot to nearby destinations, but our lifestyles are such that we use cars top commute to places, regardless of the distance.

We need to make a conscious effort to change this. Don’t just restrict your walks to your regular one hour evening park stroll. Walk your kids to school if its nearby, walk around in your neighbourhood, walk your dog. These minor changes will make a difference in your daily life. You can also make it a social activity by inviting friends to walk with you.

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