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Students Build the Perfect Fantasy Teams | USA Today High School Sports

Fantasy football is an online competitive activity where participants select NFL players to make up their virtual team. Each player earns points for what he has accomplished during each week’s game. For example, every 25 yards thrown by a quarterback earns himself 1 point and every touchdown thrown earns himself 6 points. Point scoring differs for each position according to specified accomplishments appropriate to each position. Each team has a certain number of players (average of 9) and all of the points each player on a team scores attributes to the final score of that team. Many boys at Charlotte Catholic participate in online fantasy football leagues with friends and it can get very competitive.

  Sophomore Riley Berger said, “fantasy is mostly luck. I have selected a fantastic team and they always perform well but my opponent always scores a little bit more than I do.” Riley has started the season with an 0-4 record with an average loss margin of 6 points, which is a relatively close game. Freshman Drew Hackett said, “a last minute change in the lineup can be the difference between a win or a loss. Last week I subbed out my starting quarterback, Andrew Luck, due to injury and put in my backup quarterback, Andy Dalton, who ended up having an amazing game and led me to victory.”

 Many kids join leagues where participants place a certain amount of money in a pot prior to the commencement of the season and at the end of the season they have a chance to win a share of the total amount of money placed in the pot. Sophomore Bradley Tomich said, “Fantasy football is a real devil sometimes. I put money in and get nothing out of it. It is pretty much like throwing money away, but if my team is winning the games, boy, let it rain”. There are online websites where you can win money, such as DraftKings and FanDuel where each participant has a certain team for a week and they have a chance to make a profit, but if their team is not performing up to standards, then they can select a new team for the upcoming week.

 The downside of fantasy football is that most people will end up caring much more about their fantasy team than their real team, and they can lose sight of what being a true fan really means.

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