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Snapping Through the Halls | USA Today High School Sports

  Recently, two juniors, Sam Bohaty and Max Brockmann, developed and published a Snapchat geotag for the Charlotte Catholic community. Many students use the Snapchat social media app to stay in contact with friends and family via picture and video. Junior Dani Rubinich said, “I use  it everyday so that I can keep my streaks. my longest streak is 171 days with Charlotte Ruesch.” This means that for 171 days straight, these two have “snapchatted” pictures back and forth.

    Snapchat geotags are a creative way for artists to display their original artwork. When Snapchat users take pictures, they can chose to display the geotag on their pictures to allow their friends to see where the pictures were taken. This community geotag feature of the app came out in December of 2014 and allows users to publicize their original artwork.

    Just a few weeks ago, Sam and Max heard that anyone can create a Snapchat geotag; they decided that they wanted to make one. Snapchat publicized their geotag a mere 48 hours after they submitted the design, which took roughly an hour to

    First, they downloaded the template from Snapchat’s website. They then proceeded to import it into photoshop, where they added colors, text, and shading. In all, they created two geotags. The first features light red text that reads “Charlotte Catholic High School” and is surrounded by light blue paw prints. The second  says “Charlotte Catholic” in light blue and red with shading and a claw print in the background.

    So far, they only received positive feedback from students. Sam Bohaty said, “Other schools have asked if I want to make one for them. I’m glad everyone liked it.”

    Snapchat, unlike other popular social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, allows users to display their pictures for a temporary period of time. Snapchatters are more likely to send embarrassing photos back and forth on the comical social media platform because they know that they will disappear within seconds of being opened by their recipients. This disappearing effect greatly contributes to Snapchat’s popularity among high school students.


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