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Pakistani Movies ‘Moor’ & ‘Manto’ Still Steady at Box Office

Pakistani Movies ‘Moor’ & ‘Manto’ Still Steady at Box Office

With more and more frequent and new additions of a variety of movies to Pakistani cinema and its ongoing revival, the recently released ‘Manto’ and ‘Moor’ seemed to be holding their own and keeping a steady position at the Pakistani box office.

According to recent box office estimates, GEO Films’ Manto has prevailed and put on another 12 lacs the past weekend. It maintains a steady position at the box office as its total has now reached approximately 4.7 crores.

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The movie has had great approval from audiences and is expected to reach the 5 crores mark in the coming weeks.

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Meanwhile, Moor seems to be nearing the end of its run, raking in a total of 1.85 crores on the tail end of the weekend.

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Moor is expected to close at an estimated 1.9 crores, unless it is picked up for the Oscars, which may help lead to a re-release in Pakistan.

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You can check out the total box office breakdowns of both movies over the past few weeks since their respective releases.


Week One: 1.58 crores
Week Two: 1.77 crores
Week Three: 67 lacs
Week Four and Five: 57 lacs
Week Six: 13 lacs
Total: 4.7 crores


Week One: 85.82 lacs
Week Two: 40 lacs
Week Three: 22 lacs
Week Four: 11 lacs
Week Five: 9 lacs
Week Six: 6 lacs
Week Seven: 8 lacs
Week Eight and Nine: 4 lacs
Total: 1.85 crores




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