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Andrea Garmilla Exceeds Expectations at MIT | USA Today High School Sports

Andrea Garmilla is senior at Charlotte Catholic. She is currently ranked #1 in her class with a 4.62 GPA. This summer Andrea flew to Boston to attend MIT’s  Office of Engineering Outreach program called [email protected] and will return for another program this October called WISE.

To be considered for the [email protected] program, Andrea applied last February and was chosen for her academic and personal success. In addition Andrea has also been chosen to attend the program this October which includes all-expense paid stay, including the plane ticket. For the first program, ninety students were selected and for the upcoming program there were forty-five students.

Although Andrea’s experiences at MIT were nothing short of what she had hoped for, there were many hours of work throughout the course of the program. During the summer program, Andrea worked  long hours, spending thirteen hours a day on different activities. “My class during the week was Financial Engineering. We learned a lot about the stock market and how to design and manage portfolios for different people,”she said. At WISE this fall, Andrea hopes to attend classes and get a good feel for how college courses work.

Many factors draw Andrea to MIT, but especially the research opportunities it offers. Andrea said, “Great research opportunities are available, even as first semester freshman. MIT has so many quirks that makes it awesome. The chemical engineering building is a perfect 30-60-90 triangle! Also the stellar academics and the amazing people really make MIT the best school.”

When asked what she attributes her success to, Andrea said “My persevering attitude and all the people that surround me because they always push me to do better”. Some of her favorite classes at CCHS are AP Calculus with Mrs. Bier, and AP Chemistry and AP Physics with Mrs. Madden.

Although her top school is MIT, Andrea is also interested in Duke, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Davidson, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NC State, and UNC not in any particular order.

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