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A PowderPuff Game for the Record Books | USA Today High School Sports

Football has always been a top priority at Catholic, and powder puff follows suit. Powder puff is where boys cheer and girls play football, and this year, the girls raised the standard. There were two games played with two 15 minute halves; Freshman vs. Sophomore and Junior vs. Senior. Obviously, the Sophomore and Senior teams were victorious. Maddie Trumpower, a sophomore, was very excited to play. She said, “it was a great and super fun way to raise money for a great cause.” Maddie mostly played wide receiver, and a little bit of defense. Maddie says that the unofficial MVP for the sophomore team was Molly McArdle because she scored the most touchdowns and she had the most yards. The Score for the Freshman Sophomore game was 14 to 21. Jacob Smith, Chase Foley, Jimmy Whalen, and Sam Broom coached the underclassmen game. Lane McCree, a Senior, said that although they played well, she could have played a little more aggressive towards the junior girls. She says that the unofficial MVP for the senior team was Hannah Samuelson, because “She made a lot of good plays, including 5 picks. She was a great asset to the team on both offense and defense. One could say she was a ‘game changer’ for the seniors.” Lane says that if the seniors were allowed to play the sophomores in a championship game, the seniors would most definitely win. “The seniors are more tenacious than the sophomores, and we have more pride. We would destroy them.” Olivia Cancian, a junior, says that although her team lost, they still played with the ferocity of champions. Olivia would like to give a shout out to Kendall Quigley, mainly for having some really really awesome plays and not being afraid to get down and dirty. John Walton on the other hand, does not like to get down and dirty. Instead of doing what he does best, playing football, he participated in the powder puff cheerleading team. When John was first chosen to be a part of powder puff, his first thought was “I don’t really have to wear a skirt do I?” The answer to John’s question is yes. He did have to wear a skirt. Although John fears no one, he admits that “It was so scary being up so high with all these eyes on me. I was just happy I had two BIG bodies holding me up (Connor Miller and Xander Gagnon). I could feel the whole school staring at me waiting for me to tumble over and laugh.” John says that he gained a lot of respect for our lady cougar cheerleaders after having to do the cheers first hand. John’s biggest trick he learned from his Econ teacher Shawn Panther. Like Mr. Panther during his runs, John listened to his favorite Econ podcast to pump him up before the pep rally. The role reversal that powder puff provides is so much fun for the participants and never fails to make a good time.

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