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8 hairstyles you can rock any season

Having a bad hair day? We've got the solutions to your hair problems.

Having a bad hair day? We’ve got the solutions to your hair problems.

KARACHI: Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”, but we say a woman who tames her mane possesses the same power.

From dramatic hairdos to sleek, straight hair, a good hairstyle can boost your confidence tenfold. Considering we live in Pakistan, the heat and humidity leave us with only one option — a high bun.

But while that may be the case in most circumstances, here are eight best hairstyles that you can rock any season:

1) Side-swept buns

Side-swept buns are the crowning glory these days. Whether plaited or twisted, this hairdo works wonders both ways, and it goes equally well with eastern and western outfits. Chignon buns are worth a try if you want to add a classy touch to your outfit.

2) Blowdry

Inwards, outwards or both, a blowdry can give you voluminous lose curls and shiny bouncy hair. And guess what? You don’t have to run to a salon for the perfect blowdry, you can do it at home by using a variety of rotating round brush hair dryers available at all general stores.

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3) Dead straight

Straighteners are life savers, they are the easiest to use when styling your hair. But all this straightening comes at a cost, the sleek dead-straight look will require intensive hair therapies for years to come. However, if you apply a high-end serum before straightening your hair, the damage will be a lot less.

4) Sleek center-parting 

Kudos to those who dare to take the risk of going for center parting, not every brave soul can pull this one off. Leave your tresses open or tie them up in a bun, center parting will add depth to your face cut and over all style.

PS: You don’t need a square face to rock the center-parting.

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5) Top knots

Another bold fashion fad. Those who can carry it effortlessly are the real winners because fashion is all about taking risks. Though you may feel comfortable in a tousled top knot while being in your pajamas, you can also look suave by pulling it off formally.

6) Ponytails

Sleek high or teased low, coifs or beehives, ponytails never go out of fashion. They go perfectly whether you choose to go causal of formal.

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7) Curl up and dye

Highlights and/or an ombre, give curls a beautiful look by adding tones to monotone hair. You can use a tong for tight or loose curls or you can use the latest hack: straightener, to twist your hair for loose, wavy curls.

8) Braids

Plaited hair bands, french or fishtail — braids are saviours on bad hair days. You don’t need to have squeaky clean hair to opt for this hairdo, messy hair works best by reducing flyaways, giving you a perfect textured braid.

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