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A friend of mine ever since I was a child, Will Wharton, has been dancing at Chartiers Valley High School for a few years now. Being that he is a guy, I thought it would be rather intriguing to get an inside scoop on his experiences, due to most people associating dance with being a girly sport. Will told me that “as a freshman I was introduced to dance during work on the musical, 9 to 5. It quickly sparked my interest and sophomore year I took “Introduction to Dance.” I quickly found comfort in the mirrors and mainly, I knew this was what I loved. Sophomore year was my first tryout for troupe and drill team and sadly I didn’t make it. I continued dancing my junior year in “Dance 1,” I still continued to grow and improve as a dancer. I was invited to dance in a master class at Thomas Studio and 3 long 6 hour days were spent dancing. At the end of junior year I again tried out for drill team and troupe. I got a call back audition for troupe but it didn’t work out. Although I didn’t make either team I was offered to skip “Dance 2” and take “Dance 3” as a senior, an offer I immediately accepted. Being a guy dancer, I constantly got ridiculed and often assumptions are made about me. It doesn’t really bother me because dancing is what I love to do. Some people think it might be weird being the only guy in a class full of girls, but it really isn’t that bad. Some of my best friends are people who I dance with.”

After talking with Will, it really made me gain a deeper respect for him. Will deals with getting harassed, people talking behind his back and being stereotypical every day in high school, however, Will still continues to do what he loves because that is what makes him happy.  I have had the privilege of watching numerous videos of Will dancing and he truly is amazing at it. He works hard every day to get better and stand out. Will is a great role model and should be inspiring for guys and girls who are too afraid to do something because they don’t want to get made fun of.


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