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Why Don’t We Bring Back The Booths? | USA Today High School Sports

The cafeteria at Chartiers Valley High School has been bare since the removal of the booths. Several students have been very disappointed about this topic. Haley Brooks, who is a senior, says, ” I’ve been waiting three years to sit in a booth with all of my friends and it’s been a right of passage for seniors to able to receive the privilege of sitting in a booth.” Unfortunately, this privilege has been removed to not only the seniors but for all the students that have been waiting for this privilege for years. The cause of the removal of the booths is because of a safety hazard issue, which can be understandable, but there are several things that can be a safety hazard at the cafeteria. Whether it is from slipping on something on the floor to tripping over chairs, which have overcrowded the cafeteria, there are “danger” zones everywhere.  It was something that made our school unique, not many schools had this privilege. Not only is it beneficial to all students, but for those who do not have a study hall and use their lunch, it can allow them to approach their work better. It  gives the students a better learning atmosphere since they are able to face each other. It lets students be able to communicate more efficiently. Let’s not forget comfort, comfort is important and not just the actual seat but the extra table space for books and folders which can let them spread out and read easier. This can be beneficial for everyone and something that should be reconsidered for the new school.


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