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Twitter reports on #earthquake – The Express Tribune

Eye witnes­ses, politi­cians took to Twitte­r to share update­s and expres­s condol­ences

Paramedics treat a girl injured in an earthquake at a hospital in Peshawar on October 26, 2015. PHOTO: AFP

Paramedics treat a girl injured in an earthquake at a hospital in Peshawar on October 26, 2015. PHOTO: AFP

Paramedics treat a girl injured in an earthquake at a hospital in Peshawar on October 26, 2015. PHOTO: AFPPHOTO: AFP

A powerful 7.5 magnitude quake struck Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region Monday and was felt throughout much of South Asia.

The US Geological Survey put the epicentre near Jurm in northeast Afghanistan, 250 kilometres from the capital Kabul and at a depth of 213.5 km.

The epitcentre is close to the site of an October 2005 quake which had a 7.6 magnitude quake and killed more than 75,000 people, displacing some 3.5 million more, although that quake was much shallower.

Here are all the eyewitness accounts, reactions on Twitter. The most latest tweets will be displayed below:

I am really worried for you all back home, Hope you and your families are all safe.

— Nazrana Yousufzai (@NazranaYusufzai) October 26, 2015

We urge everyone to follow these precautions during an #earthquake. pic.twitter.com/V4clJh1sQw

— KE (@KElectricPk) October 26, 2015

Our deepest sympathies for the families of those killed and injured in today’s #earthquake in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. #solidarity

— Sudheendra Kulkarni (@SudheenKulkarni) October 26, 2015

I express my deep sense of grief and sorrow on loss of precious lives in the #earthquake #Pakistan

— Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri (@TahirulQadri) October 26, 2015

Swat: sms ‘DCS’ to 8333 or Call 09469240338 in case of emergency

— Murad Saeed (@MuradSaeedPTI) October 26, 2015

Terrible earthquake. Praying for all our ppl, esp in landslide-hit northern areas. KP govt on emergency footing. pic.twitter.com/M26OoPjpzV

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) October 26, 2015

When we are faced with calamities bigger than all of us, we realise the importance of unity. Prayers for Pak, Ind & Afghanistan #Earthquake

— Jibran Nasir (@MJibranNasir) October 26, 2015

volunteers and different teams are engaged in rescue activities.NDMA is gathering info.Ambulances&Medical teams moving forward #earthquake

— Maiza Hameed (@MaizaHameed) October 26, 2015

I was so shocked. Couldnt understand what’s happening around. #earthquake

— Aqse Zahra. (@Aqseyy) October 26, 2015

Whether u are Afghani, Indian or Pakistani, in the face of Mother Nature, we are all equally vulnerable and fragile #Earthquake

— Nida Butt (@Nidabutt9) October 26, 2015

Pakistani paramedics treat a man injured in a powerful 7.5-magnitude #earthquake felt throughout the region pic.twitter.com/wzsymi0o5J

— AFP Photo Department (@AFPphoto) October 26, 2015

Cracks developing in the Mall of Lahore- scary! After shocks expectd in the next 24hrs. Pic by a friend in Lhr pic.twitter.com/d2mQP82pZc

— QZ (@Natrani) October 26, 2015

JUST IN: #earthquake image from #Kashmir (via @ahmermkhan) pic.twitter.com/tZspqxaiPg

— SkymetWeather (@SkymetWeather) October 26, 2015

Really heartbroken to hear about this Earthquake! May Allah keep everyone safe. Ameen.

— Zaid Ali (@Za1d) October 26, 2015

This looks very very bad even an hour after the preliminary damages. #Earthquake #Pakistan

— IFtikhar Firdous (@IftikharFirdous) October 26, 2015

People came out from their homes after powerful earthquake in #Afganistan pic.twitter.com/uJcrr5ySq6

— Pajhwok Afghan News (@pajhwok) October 26, 2015

Anchors, newscasters please report the casualties in a low tone with feelings for those martyred in #Earthquake and their families. Prayers

— Javed Aziz Khan (@JavedAzizKhan) October 26, 2015

historic mosque masjid mahabat khan minaret damged due to strong #earthquake

— Jamshed Baghwan (@JBaghwan) October 26, 2015

Pure terror. A minute of a quake.

— karachikhatmal (@karachikhatmal) October 26, 2015

Serious earthquake tremors in Delhi for long. Still shaking.

— Hari Kumar (@HariNYT) October 26, 2015

Cracks appear along the length of a building in Islamabad after the #earthquake
Photo by Umar Ahmed via Facebook pic.twitter.com/s3Pq0QRuTP

— Khaleej Times (@khaleejtimes) October 26, 2015

Massive #earthquake felt in #Islamabad. Shakes lasted up to two minutes, violently shook walls and vehicles. @Fahdhusain @MJibranNasir

— Zeeshan Salahuddin (@ZeeSalahuddin) October 26, 2015

So a massive #Earthquake in #Lahore and everyone evacuates pic.twitter.com/SUyAH5QATl

— Mobeen Shafaat (@mobeenshafaat) October 26, 2015

Earthquake ongoing. #Lahore. pic.twitter.com/m1WodKEHxy

— Gul Bukhari (@gulbukhari) October 26, 2015

Very scary #earthquake in Lahore. My whole buildings swayed for 20 sec. Luckily no one got hurt.

— Shehryar Taseer (@shehryar_taseer) October 26, 2015

I have asked for an urgent assessment and we stand ready for assistance where required, including Afghanistan & Pakistan.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) October 26, 2015

Heard about strong earthquake in Afghanistan-Pakistan region whose tremors have been felt in parts of India. I pray for everyone’s safety.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) October 26, 2015

Stay alert for any aftershocks, folks. #Earthquake pic.twitter.com/5vBBfGLYcS

— Nuzhat S. Siddiqi (@guldaar) October 26, 2015

Chairman #PPP @BBhuttoZardari asks workers to help #earthquake victims https://t.co/YsXuvRjOwW

— PPP (@MediaCellPPP) October 26, 2015

Private clinics n hospitals across Swat instructed 2 provide free treatment 2 those injured in earthquake

— Murad Saeed (@MuradSaeedPTI) October 26, 2015

470 DYFI responses listing “strong” to “very strong” near M7.5 Afghanistan epicenter. https://t.co/OR7fOv6bg5 pic.twitter.com/9gP0ksVAjQ

— USGS (@USGS) October 26, 2015

The #earthquake is a sobering reminder as to who calls the shots in this universe! Man, with all his arrogance, is humbled by God indeed.

— Zaid Hamid (@ZaidZamanHamid) October 26, 2015

Keep safe everyone #earthquake

— Aseefa B Zardari (@AseefaBZ) October 26, 2015

Stay outdoors for a couple of hours, away from possible falling debris as aftershocks are eminent after such an intense earthquake #Pakistan

— Syed Ali Raza Abidi (@abidifactor) October 26, 2015

KPK worst hit it seems after the #earthquake. Praying that there isn’t too much loss of human lives.

— Reham Khan (@RehamKhan1) October 26, 2015

JI workers and @alkhidmatorg are instructed to immediately establish relief camps and help the victims of #Earthquake at all places

— Siraj ul Haq (@SirajOfficial) October 26, 2015

My driver family house in Shangla destroyed just spoke to friends in Swat, there is a lot of damage in some area #earthquake

— Sharmeen Obaid (@sharmeenochinoy) October 26, 2015

Stronger than the 2005 #earthquake

— Reham Khan (@RehamKhan1) October 26, 2015

Major Earthquake has hit our mother land Paksitan. All our prays and well wishes are with the families.May Allah protect all of us. Ameen

— Saeed Ajmal (@REALsaeedajmal) October 26, 2015

Massive #Earthquake has struck Pakistan. May Allah keep us safe. @alkhidmatorg is gathering data in its disaster management cell.

— Siraj ul Haq (@SirajOfficial) October 26, 2015

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