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Sadies Vs. Winter Formal | USA Today High School Sports

Every year at Chartiers Valley High School, we have about three to four dances. It appears that some are more popular than others, like Homecoming and Prom, but there might be a little switch up this year. Recently, a student emailed the cheer boosters proposing an idea to have a Winter formal instead of a Sadies. For years at Chartiers Valley High School, Sadies has been popular and several students seem to look forward to it every year. Some students seem to have an interest in the idea of the girls asking the boy instead of the other way around. Although last year’s Sadie’s wasn’t as popular, it has the potential to be if more people are willing to go. Winter formal is a different idea, but everyone had a formal dance less than a month ago. It has the potential to spike an interest but people would most likely not want to spend another large portion of money. Not to mention, a formal dance requires planning weeks in advance. And not just for the people going but the people running it as well. Sadies is a dance people look forward to because it is a lot more simple than Homecoming and Prom. All a person would have to do is go out and spend a couple dollars on a shirt. Also, our school does not need three formal dances, it’s unnecessary. Overall, Sadies should stick with the way it’s always been.

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