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Pickleball Season Appraoching | USA Today High School Sports


Ah yes, pickleball season, the greatest month or so of gym class you will have all year. Pickleball is one of the biggest fads in Chartiers Valley High School. The season usually starts near the end of the first 9 weeks when all the underclassmen have go to swimming for gym and the upperclassmen are left in the gym. Pickleball is a unique mixture between tennis and life size ping pong. You can feel the excitement (and disappointment) when kids first enter the gym only to discover that the nets still aren’t up. The real question on everyone’s mind is “who will claim that revered #1 spot on top of the school ranking?” Now that big name players like Nick Calla, Kevin Rectenwald, and Nick Kane have graduated, the position is open for all those who play on the “varsity” courts nearest to the locker rooms. Most expect it be a senior like Jake Collins or Joe Antonucci, but several juniors had impressive showings last year with Dante Panucci, Caleb Zaijicek, and Devin Raspanti achieving high rankings in the school. There is even competition in the underclassmen in the form of tennis all star sophomore Ryan Estatico and other sophomores, such as Reed Bruggeman and Nick Antonucci. It will be interesting to see what talent shows up in this year’s freshman class with notable names such as Connor Raspanti and Trevor Stevenson. So be warned CV because pickleball madness is about to start.

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