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Get 2 The Game – Kaden Smith | USA Today High School Sports

Dreams don’t come easy. They take sweat, sacrifice and committed support from people who believe in you. Follow along as we meet top high school athletes and share their stories of inspiration, support and success. #Get2TheGame

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Kaden Smith
School: Marcus (Flower Mound, Texas)
Position: Tight End
Height/Weight: 6-5/235

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Kaden Smith knows what he wants. And he’s prepared to do what it takes to get it. The tight end from Marcus High School has recently committed to playing at the collegiate level – but he’s not satisfied stopping there. He dreams of playing football professionally.

“I don’t ever want to stop playing football – it’s what inspires my dream.”

“The two most dangerous words in the English language are ‘good job’.”

Go straight home, watch film. Get up Monday morning and get back to work.

I like to relax in front of my locker and listen to country music to relax and get in the zone.

Kaden Smith dreams of the day he plays football at the highest level.

And he pursues that dream with unrelenting purpose. His motto: “The only thing stopping you is you –not your fear of something. It’s a choice.”

The tight end from Marcus High School is on the verge of starting the next phase of his football career – playing at the collegiate level. But even with his commitment to a school, he still takes every day at a time and focuses all his energy on the present. That means giving his all under the Friday night lights and playing for the guys on either side of him.

“Kaden has evolved into a leader who leads by example, by his words, and by the expectations he sets on others, which is very high,” his father, Mark says, “much like the expectations he has for himself.”

However, Kaden’s high expectations for himself are not just limited to the field. In addition to choosing his school for its excellent football program, he also chose based on his desire to have a strong education for life.

“He pushes himself in the classroom just like he does on the field,” says his coach, Jerry Stanford.

Kaden has also used his star position on the team to become a force for good in the community. He frequents the local elementary school as part of a their “Adopt An Athlete” program, where he hangs out with the kids and teaches them the importance of academics and staying out of trouble.

Having participated in the program when he was young, he knows the effect his efforts can have on the kids. That’s why he credits his community with helping him stay on track towards his dreams.

“When I see the elementary school kids, I know they’re looking up to me,” says Kaden. “I can’t mess it up because I want them to be able to have someone to look up to.”

It’s safe to say that Kaden has all the makings of a successful dreamer: passion, character, perseverance and a great support system. With a future that bright, he’s prepared to face it in the same way he faces the competition – head on.

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