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Get 2 The Game – Jacob Eason | USA Today High School Sports

Dreams don’t come easy. They take sweat, sacrifice and committed support from people who believe in you. Follow along as we meet top high school athletes and share their stories of inspiration, support and success. #Get2TheGame

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Jacob Eason
School: Lake Stevens (Wash.)
Position: Quaterback
Height/Weight: 6-5/205
Class: 2016

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Jake Eason doesn’t take his talent for granted. The quarterback from Lake Stevens High School dreams of the day where he takes his spot among the greats, but until then, he’s taking his football dream a day at a time.

“My dream is to build a legacy and be able to have some meaning behind my name.”

I usually put music on, sleep it off, wake up, and go over film.


My dad. He has been the person I aspired to be since I was a little kid. It would be awesome to be as good of a dad as he is.

Jake Eason dreams of the day he suits up for Sundays.

The quarterback from Lake Stevens currently shines under the Friday night lights, but dreams of playing football professionally. He dreams of a lasting legacy, and for his name to be listed among the greats. And with his talent and tenacity on the gridiron, that dream is very much within reach.

“Jake has a lot of goals that he’s set for himself,” says his father, Tony. “He is very passionate about football, his life and the dreams he wants to fulfill.”

Since he was a kid, Jake aspired to be like his father, who played for Notre Dame. That’s why he credits him for his love of football.

“He played football and I always wanted to be like him,” Jake says. “I think that kind of stuck and I started playing so much that I started developing a love for it.”

Training together from a young age, Jake and his father worked on his game every chance that they got: tossing the ball around while waiting for the school bus, involvement in youth sports, and now, coaching him on the sidelines as part of his team’s staff.

While Jake’s self-discipline has played a large part in the pursuit of his dream, it’s clear that the people that surround him have had a huge impact on achieving his dream. He confesses that he’s a bit of a people pleaser, and likes to be the one that brings joy to people’s lives, whether through football, his personality, or community involvement. He regularly volunteers at the annual Pee-Wee football camp; coaching dozens of kids through footwork drills and helping them become passionate about the game he loves.

“I think a lot of his inspiration and motivation comes from the things that he can do on the field and the way he can make people feel,” Jake’s father muses. “The way he can bring a community and a family together to rally around him − I think that motivates him to go out and work hard.”

In the meantime, Jake is doing everything in his power to pursue his dream: practicing endlessly, working with his team, pushing his limits. But at the end of the day, it’s his love of the game and his team that keeps him at it.

“Football is a sport that allows you to be tightknit with your brothers” Jake concludes. “You’re going out there together and working to get to the state championship. That’s the ultimate goal I think.”

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