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Get 2 The Game – Derrick Brown | USA Today High School Sports

Dreams don’t come easy. They take sweat, sacrifice and committed support from people who believe in you. Follow along as we meet top high school athletes and share their stories of inspiration, support and success. #Get2TheGame

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Derrick Brown
School: Lanier (Buford, Ga.)
Position: Defensive Tackle
Height/Weight: 6-4/305
Class: 2016

Derrick Brown knows what he wants in life: to play college football, be a number one draft pick, and be number one in the league. But he doesn’t just dream, he knows what he has to do to make his ambitions a reality. The defense tackle at Lanier High School from Georgia is prepared to put in the work to bring his dream to life.


Ndamukong Suh. I want to see how he trains and works out.

My parents. They push me to make sure I am capable of handling myself.


Derrick Brown shines under the lights on Friday night.

It’s easy to see that his talent on the gridiron came about naturally; the sheer strength, passion, and ability he plays with is not something that can be merely taught.

But now that he has the skill to play at a higher level, he’s focused on molding himself into an all-around football powerhouse and taking his team to the championship.

After he received his first offer from a school his sophomore year, Derrick realized that his dream of playing professional football could very well be his reality.

He dreams of being a first-round draft pick, but until then, he’s focusing on putting everything into his game – working harder, practicing longer, and being more vocal with his team and coaches.

As a senior and a team captain, Derrick is expected to take on the role of a leader. However, for the mild-mannered defensive tackle, that leadership position didn’t come easy. Derrick describes himself as a laid-back kid, but as time passed, he became more willing to step into the spotlight and take on the leadership role. This transition became easier with the help of Derrick’s father, James, one of his biggest supporters.

“I told him, the older you get the more you have to put forward into being a leader” says James.

And with that, Derrick set out to achieve a new level of athleticism.

But that doesn’t mean his academics play any lesser role in his dream. His parents both graduated from college and they expect him to do the same. His mother, Martha, has instilled in him her expectation.

“Get your academics to get you where you need to go” she says.”

Derrick is currently planning on pursuing a degree in business marketing, and would love to work for a large sports brand someday.

But in the meantime, Derrick is working to protect his own brand.

He knows that soon he will be on a national stage, so he has already set himself up as a role model in his community. He knows that his success is due to the large support system behind him, and shows his gratitude to his family, coaches, and neighbors – even people he’s never met before.

“It’s through these people that he protects his dream – the positivity they create keeps him grounded and focused on achieving his dream.”

And it’s safe to say he’s well on his way.

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