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Cricketers, celebrities tweet prayers and support for earthquake victims

Former and current cricketers from around the world, especially Asia, forwarded messages of support and prayers for the victims of a 7.5-magnitude earthquake, which killed over 140 people in Pakistan.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located in Afghanistan, and tremors were felt all the way till New Delhi.

Witnessed the strongest ever #EarthQuakeInPakistan ,Prayers fr all those affected by the #earthquake today.May all be in Allah’s protection.

— Shahid Afridi (@SAfridiOfficial) October 26, 2015

For all those who have been affected in the Earthquake in Pakistan our prayers are with you all.

— Saqlain Mushtaq (@Saqlain_Mushtaq) October 26, 2015

Major Earthquake has hit our mother land Paksitan. All our prays and well wishes are with the families.May Allah protect all of us. Ameen

— Saeed Ajmal (@REALsaeedajmal) October 26, 2015

12 Afghan schoolgirls killed in earthquake.Our condolences are with you and your family as well as with all those who have been affected

— Saqlain Mushtaq (@Saqlain_Mushtaq) October 26, 2015

Fakhre Alam, who hosts show for a private sports channel, lost track of the Pakistan-England match after the news.

Have sort of lost the focus on #PAKvENG match…all my thoughts with the people of Pakistan & my heart prayers for everyone’s safety.

— Fakhr-e-Alam (@falamb3) October 26, 2015

Meanwhile, Indian cricketers also expressed concern for their countrymen.

He sensed this one though. Hope everyone is safe. #earthquake https://t.co/T7zAYlZ6rq

— R P Singh (@RpSingh99) October 26, 2015

2nd earthquake experience this year. Heart-rate more than slightly elevated..

— mark butcher (@markbutcher72) October 26, 2015

Looks like a strong earthquake.. be safe…

— parthiv patel (@parthiv9) October 26, 2015

Looks like a big quake. Hope people are safe all over. In Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India.

— Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) October 26, 2015

Looks like a Scary quake this..God be with those in strife.

— Ashwin Ravichandran (@ashwinravi99) October 26, 2015

Local celebrities weren’t far behind in sending out their thoughts and prayers, while relaying their experiences of the quake on twitter:

That’s the most I’ve ever felt an earthquake.

— Ali Zafar (@AliZafarsays) October 26, 2015

WOAH! HUGE earthquake! #Lahore

— Meesha Shafi (@itsmeeshashafi) October 26, 2015

That was one very scary experience, seriously, something I have never experienced before.#earthquake

— Wiqar Ali Khn™ (@wiqaralikhan) October 26, 2015

Hoping and praying for the safety of all. https://t.co/iJkJw9HyBm

— Mahira Khan (@TheMahiraKhan) October 26, 2015

Dreading the news,nightmare of 2005 reoccurred,bad news kept pouring in for weeks,praying for affected areas.

— Saba Hamid (@Sabhamid) October 26, 2015

Number of casualties risen to 37 now.Allah have mercy. Let’s all please pray for minimum life and those departed. #Earthquake

— Nida Butt (@Nidabutt9) October 26, 2015

Incredibly long intense earthquake tremor after night of deafening thunder lightening,rain.Praying 4 everyones safety.Allah Reham

— Nadia Jamil (@NJLahori) October 26, 2015

Adding levity to chaos as we ran outside the Apt. was a gentleman who whizzed past me half-singing: ‘Angraiyan leti hoon mai jab zor zor se’

— Osman Khalid Butt (@aClockworkObi) October 26, 2015

Hope everyone is safe from the #earthquake in #pakistan. May Allah be our protector. Ameen

— Naseer & Shahab (@naseerandshahab) October 26, 2015

Can’t do much about earthquakes.. Except pray that the damage is minimal. Terrible news.

— Rubya Chaudhry (@RubyaChaudhry) October 26, 2015

Just learnt that the #earthquake has struck #Pakistan, #Afghanistan & #India. Hope you, your friends & family are safe.

— Shafqat Amanat Ali (@ShafqatAmanatA) October 26, 2015

Ya -Allah Reham .. Hope everyone’s safe.

— umair jaswal (@umairjaswal) October 26, 2015

You can follow live updates of the earthquake here.

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