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CappucciNo Longer Gone | USA Today High School Sports

In recent days, the banished Chartiers Valley Cappuccino Machine has made a reappearance in the Snack Shack next to the Internet Cafe. Since the first day of school, the disappearance has had many coffee drinkers in awe. They have had very little to wake them up for their first few periods.

The debut of the iced coffee from the Snack Shack had some students very excited. “I really like the french vanilla iced coffee,” junior Jake Miranda tells, “it gives me a good jolt in the morning.” Others had to deal with the iced coffee even though they may have not enjoyed it as much as the cappuccino.

Other students do not care at all actually. “I do not drink coffee,” Sean Tinney tells, “It has no effect on me. I think coffee is fowl and I believe that there are better ways to spawn a creative thinking pattern in my mind in the dawn of day.”

The return of the Cappuccino Machine has not always been as appreciated as some might expect it to be. Maybe that is why it was originally removed.

Sophomore Gabby Grayson states, “I am very excited about the return of the cappuccino machine. Don’t get me wrong, the iced coffee is good but I prefer the cappuccino more; it tastes better.”

Many students are overjoyed at the return of the machine; they enjoy a good hot beverage during their short time in homeroom.

But the main question is: is the cappuccino machine here to stay, or is it here for only a short visit?

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