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Being A High School Student | USA Today High School Sports

Today a lot of pressure can be put on a student to graduate high school. It seems like the only way a person can be successful in life is to go to college, get a job, and be financially stable for the rest of their life. In this case, it is important and should be encouraged considering the way society is now. But let’s take a step back and realize a lot of these “requirements” to becoming a well-rounded person is easier said than done.  For instance, some of these things a college may be looking for, at least what students are being told, to be accepted anywhere we must have a high grade point average, high SAT and ACT scores, be involved with school clubs, participate in sports, volunteer, have a job, etc. All of this is a lot to take in, and to think this is possible for students who are so inexperienced with the world to make a life decision to be accepted into college and decide their career on something they have little knowledge of, is a lot to ask for. Following, being a high school student and trying to meet all of these requirements is demanding. Even for a student coming home and having at least two hours of homework to do, they often have to leave in one hour to go to their job or to a sport. You can imagine the constant fear of failure a student can stress about because completing just these simple tasks is not so simple when time is limited. Overall, high school students do not get enough credit and it should be noticed.

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