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Are School Buses Truly Safe? | USA Today High School Sports

We all know the rule that when a bus is stopped to pick up a child, you have to stop and wait for the child to get on before proceeding through the area.  Sadly not everyone on the road feels like they have to follow rules set in place by law.

Recently, tragedy quite literally almost struck when a young student was walking towards the entrance to the bus when suddenly a driver whipped around the bus, narrowly missing them by a couple feet.

I decided to ask some students their opinions on buses and how safe they feel in and around them.

Chad Montgomery is quoted as saying “It’s not that I don’t feel safe while on the bus, I don’t feel safe for the other drivers on the road. The bus driver’s driving is wreckless and obviously endangers the safety of others.”

The next person that I asked was Sean McCrerey who had to say “I feel safe, even though my bus driver has no idea which kids go on the bus and which ones don’t.”

I also asked one student who wanted to keep his name secret “It really depends on multiple factors that can occur. Some of the problems that can arise are whether or not students on the bus are a distraction to the driver or not. Another could be whether the driver has any courtesy to the other drivers on the road.”

It seems that the feeling of safety on buses is somewhat split. Though it seems that the majority have problems with the bus drivers, more than half the others don’t.  They think that the bus drivers are an endangerment to not just them, but everyone on the road with them.

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