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I’m an Indian. I don’t hate Pakistan. I am not alone.

PHOTO COURTESY: twitter.com/TweetOfRam

PHOTO COURTESY: twitter.com/TweetOfRam

In the wake of Shiv Sena’s anti-Pakistan campaign, a social media user riled by the intolerance of the party, which is a traditional regional ally of Modi’s ruling BJP, has started a campaign called #ProfileForPeace.

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Ram Subramanian took to Facebook on Thursday to post a picture of himself with a note expressing his true feelings about Pakistan. “I am an Indian, I am from Mumbai, I don’t hate Pakistan, I am not alone, there are many people like me!” the note read.

The social media user urged others to unite under the hashtag, #ProfileForPeace, and do the same. “Do join in if you believe in peace being the way forward. Write this message on a post it note, take a selfie and make it your profile picture #ProfileForPeace,” Subramanian wrote.

“No more artists being banned. This is my voice. This is our voice for our Mumbai, our India. Enough of hate politics,” he added.

“It had been brewing in my head ever since I heard of a series of bans and attacks. Most of us common blokes don’t feel such hate nor want these fights. And when you close the doors to art you open up a door for dark and unwanted things to come in,” he told Times Of India.

Shiv Sena calls for cancellation of Pakistani ghazal singer’s performance in Mumbai

The campaign instantly won social media, going viral on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Several people from both sides of the border changed their profile pictures to one with a little love note which says where they are from, that they don’t hate each other, and are only being divided by hate politics.

All they were saying is give peace a chance:

#ProfileForPeace kindly support & help bringing both the countries closer. Let the love prevail! #SpeakUp pic.twitter.com/akR9FiRAZ6

— Harinder (Heer) (@harinder_virk) October 23, 2015

I am an Indian, I don’t hate Pakistan, I love the passion we share for cricket and I am not alone #Profileforpeace pic.twitter.com/ECuhV6NgUV

— Himanshu wahi (@CurKz) October 23, 2015

A small msg from my students @dilipkpandey #ProfileForPeace pic.twitter.com/N2X06Jb04D

— swati sachdeva (@swati_aap) October 25, 2015

I don’t support #politicsofhate.
I don’t judge ppl by their religion,country,caste or colour. pic.twitter.com/Z6CNbKSmn3

— Aakriti Jain (@AakritiJain16) October 25, 2015

I am from India
I respect Dalits & Religions .
#ProfileForPeace pic.twitter.com/SQcKg40tEM

— Vikas Yogi (@vikaskyogi) October 23, 2015

#profileforpeace pic.twitter.com/mHHuXfoFwc

— Zanyajan (@zanyajan) October 25, 2015

Dear Shiv Sena,
Stop your hate mongering.

Friends, RT if you feel the same & do it.

#ProfileForPeace #SpeakUp pic.twitter.com/qqkDM8pNRg

— Arshi Yasin (@arshi_yasin) October 22, 2015

Indian celebrities like singer/music director Vishal Dadlani also joined the campaign.

#ProfileForPeace because only love can defeat politically-generated hatred! Thanks @TweetOfRam , for starting this. pic.twitter.com/6m3IyU0H9P

— VISHAL DADLANI (@VishalDadlani) October 22, 2015

… And Pakistanis responded in kind, showing support for the cause.

For all humans who want Peace not War.
Thank You.
#ProfileForPeace #SpeakUp
.Form #Pakistan pic.twitter.com/d3r9UHGRSF

— Shahbaz Malik (@Shahbaz_sMs1) October 23, 2015

Not because every1s posting this., i posted cos I mean it!!!
#Peace #love #share #spreadthelove pic.twitter.com/BzRa67HvIk

— Mudassar Khan (@mudassarkhan1) October 24, 2015

#ProfileForPeace …and there are many like me who love India #PakistanLovesIndia pic.twitter.com/a2ji2Qnj7R

— Naila Inayat (@nailainayat) October 24, 2015

Enough of Hate Politics! Let us be us. I am a Pakistani and I do not hate India #ProfileForPeace #SpeakUp pic.twitter.com/aprUm1mGaB

— Shumaila H. Shahani (@ShahaniSays) October 24, 2015

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