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Adnan Sami to Get Indian Citizenship: Twitter Disapproves

Adnan Sami to Get Indian Citizenship: Twitter Disapproves

While India has become a hotbed of threats for Pakistani sportsmen and celebrities, a shocking news yesterday unveiled that Pakistan’s prominent singer Adnan Sami Khan is all set to receive Indian citizenship.

According to The Hindu, Attorney-General Mukul Rohatgi finally gave an affirmation to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) regarding Indian nationality of Sami, who has been living in the country for more than a decade. The singer will be granted citizenship under Section 6 of the Indian Citizenship Act, 1955.

Initially setting foot in India in 2001, the Pakistani icon was dwelling in the neighboring nation on a one -year visitor’s visa. Later. he was allotted the right to live on Indian soil for an indefinite time period on humanitarian grounds after his expiration of Pakistani passport. Now, he has eventually availed exclusive rights of Indian citizenship.

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Throughout his stay, Sami has devoted his vocals to various Bollywood movies. His much recent work was for Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan qawwali tune.

While the vocalist from Lahore must be ecstatic with the news, Twitter appears to be quite skeptical. Check how Twitterati from both India and Pakistan reacted on Adnan Sami Khan getting hold of Indian citizenship.

Now that #AdnanSami has applied for #Indian citizenship, will more disgruntled #Pakistani artistes follow him? Perhaps.

— Joy C Raphael (@joycraphael) October 25, 2015

Loog India kee nationality choor rahe hain but yeh le rahe hain amazing lagta hai jote khane ka shooq hai khah ke samjh aie gee #AdnanSami

— Haroon Ahmed (@dashyharoon) October 25, 2015

Pak Singer Ghulam Ali cant perform in India but Pak Singer Adnan Sami can become Indian Citizen. Hypocrisy at its best !! #AdnanSami

— Humayu Chhipa (@HumanMee) October 25, 2015

Adnan Sami gets Indian citizenship…Hina Rabbani should be next in line. #AdnanSami

— Aditya Vikram Kapoor (@Aditya_v_kapoor) October 24, 2015

Adnan Sami should get back to the place he belongs. He should enjoy the citizenship of extremist India. #AdnanSami

— Baloch (@Paki_Patriot007) October 24, 2015

#AdnanSami Is Now Officially A Man Who’s Afraid Of “Kabootars”

— ⓂINION© (@TheOmarrization) October 24, 2015

Dede passport ,mujhe yaa Modi, mulk se tere na jaoonga khaali ……… #AdnanSami

— Razor Sharp (@razorsharp2007) October 24, 2015

Two-nation theory explained. Pakistani singer #AdnanSami to get Indian citizenship. https://t.co/FQFtC2twAz pic.twitter.com/TlaCUU6C4U

— Naila Inayat (@nailainayat) October 24, 2015

The irony of Pakistan air force 1965 war hero, Sitara e Jurrat winner’s son taking an Indian citizenship. #AdnanSami

— Sushant Singh (@SushantSin) October 24, 2015

#AdnanSami, Indian?: Wndr wht assures hm whn prominent Indian Muslims #Saniamirza ,#ShahRukhKhan hv been thrtnd by Hindu extrmsts in past

— Faeza Dawood (@FaezaDawood) October 24, 2015

Who ever denounces their nationality for another, should never be issued visa to visit home #AdnanSami #Pakistan #India

— Hamad Kafeel (@Hamadkafeel) October 24, 2015

#AdnanSami has decided to get Indian citizenship & relinquished PakPassport. Good riddance! GoToHell! And Stay there https://t.co/IkXrG4QrqN

— Saira Mehreen Abbasi (@Saira_M_Abbasi) October 24, 2015

#AdnanSami We should be thankful that we get rid of him. Now, ban all movies in which he sung or gave music https://t.co/3qqrkYf4R6

— Muhammad Usman (@usman9294) October 24, 2015

Modi’s India has become so intolerant that #AdnanSami gave up his Paki citizenship and wants Indian citizenship Sigh! Not my idea of India?

— Archie (@Archu243) October 24, 2015

Interestingly #ShivSena not opposing #AdnanSami citizenship ! Selective opposition ?

— DrSankalp (@DrSankalp) October 24, 2015

I’m afraid I can’t agree about #AdnanSami being given citizenship

— meenabhatia (@meenabhatia) October 24, 2015

Ultimate question : To which party Adnan Sami will vote if Indian Citizenship granted ?? #AdnanSami

— Qayed (@Qayed) October 24, 2015

If you like a pak singer give him Indian nationality & if you hate burn his effigies. Manmaani sarkar ka!!!! #AdnanSami#indiangovernament

— Charan_THE REDDY_ (@charanreddy23) October 24, 2015

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What do you think of Adnan Sami’s ownership of Indian citizenship? Share your views in the comments below!




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