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WikiLeaks publishes CIA chief’s email contacts

WikiLe­aks has not said how many of Brenna­n’s docume­nts it has, but boaste­d it will releas­e more over the coming days

Director of Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan. PHOTO: AFP

Director of Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan. PHOTO: AFP


WikiLeaks released a second installment of documents from CIA director John Brennan’s hacked personal email account on Thursday, including his contacts list, and warned more were to come.

That Brennan’s data was stolen was an embarrassment in itself for a US intelligence community already reeling from a series of high-profile leaks. But none of the documents revealed so far from his personal account, which he appears to have stopped using when he re-joined the government in 2008, in themselves threaten national security – or Brennan’s career.

Anti-privacy activist Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks has not said how many of Brennan’s documents it has, but boasted it will release more “over the coming days.”

Thursday’s document dump includes policy recommendations on the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan to a Senate select committee on intelligence and Brennan’s contacts.

One of the dumps entitled “Executive Summary of Key Findings and Recommendations on Afghanistan and Pakistan reveals that there is no United States Government (USG) comprehensive strategy being implemented in the Afghanistan-Pakistan (AF-PK) region. It reads “no commitment of troops, funds, or effort in Afghanistan will eliminate the threat to the United States without a comprehensive strategy that encompasses efforts in Pakistan to eliminate al Qaeda and the Taliban insurgency emanating from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).”

The document goes on to say that the “FATA safe-haven fuels the Afghan insurgency and is a strategic threat in its own right because it enables al Qaeda to organize, train, and plan operations against the United States homeland and against our allies.”

The document also states that in Afghanistan and Pakistan, well-intentioned individuals in various elements are working in their own lanes and mission sets, yet nothing ties their efforts together as a whole for an achievable victory.

The leaks came after it was reported that a teenaged hacker had broken into Brennan’s AOL account and had taken mails and personal data.

The FBI and Secret Service have opened a criminal investigation into the hack.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 24th, 2015.

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