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Texas football game decided by coin flip | USA Today High School Sports

A long day on the road and at the field ended with one key moment for the Lufkin (Texas) Panthers on Friday — a coin flip.

After trekking six hours from East Texas to the outskirts of Dallas for a showdown with the Ennis (Texas) Lions, the two teams waited out the weather for another two-plus hours until finally deciding to end the game the way the rest of decide who has to pay the pizza delivery guy.

Ennis coach Jack Alvarez explained the situation to The Dallas Morning News:

“This was just a unique set of circumstances, both of us (Lufkin head coach Todd Quick) wanted to get the game in, but the weather just wasn’t clearing and it took them six hours to get here. Having them come all the way back here Saturday really wasn’t an option, and the weather is supposed to be just as bad.

“Neither of us wanted to play on Monday, so we were left with really no good options. If you play on Monday, now your entire schedule is thrown off real close to the playoffs and neither of us felt long term that was the best for our kids. They won the coin toss to open the game so I thought the odds were with me. I felt lucky.”

Luck was not with Ennis’ coach Friday night, and as a result Lufkin was credited with a 2-0 win by way of forfeit. The “win” leaves Lufkin in great position to make the playoffs with a 4-1 district record. For Ennis, the “loss” leaves the team in fourth place with a 3-2 district record.

One key question remains unanswered: Did the Lufkin coach call heads or tails?

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