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Checks and balances: New police grievance redressal mechanism launched




Citizens of Peshawar will now be able to register complaints against police personnel by simply making a phone call to a helpline service. The Home and Tribal Affairs department has established a new police grievance redressal mechanism to prevent corruption and highhandedness among the ranks.

The initiative was launched at a hotel in the city on Thursday. The ceremony was attended by Special Home Secretary Siraj Ahmad and other officials.

The forum will operate under Provincial Public Safety and Police Complaints Commission established under Police Order 2002. If someone wishes to file a complaint against a police official who misuses his authority or displays an unprofessional attitude, they can call 091-921133.

At least 30 complainants can register their grievances at the same time through this helpline. The service will not disclose the identity of the complainant. Speaking on the occasion, Ahmad said once complaints are received, they would be verified and an SMS will be sent to complainants.

“They will also be informed about progress regarding their compliant,” he said. “A call centre and management information system is part of the service. This is an independent helpline and is free from all forms of political pressure.”

According to Ahmad, the K-P government is keen on providing people with multiple platforms to register complaints against police officials who have breached their duties.

“These platforms will help eliminate corruption among police officials,” he added.

The mechanism has been funded by Aitebaar, a four-year USAID funded programme implemented in collaboration with the K-P government.

Process of scrutiny

Earlier this month, the provincial government decided to constitute two bodies to deal with complaints regarding police personnel. It plans to establish Regional Complaint Authority and Provincial Complaint Authority. The regional authority will deal with complaints regarding personnel till grade-17 while the provincial body will deal with grievances related to officials from grade-18 and above.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 23rd, 2015.

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