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Montana prep soccer coach leads two teams to victory in same day — 400 miles apart | USA Today High School Sports

Go Rams…good luck BC boys…coach is in flight! pic.twitter.com/vjNRHqlOcb

— BCCHS (@wearebc1) October 17, 2015

Billings (Mont.) Central Catholic’s boys and girls soccer teams almost couldn’t have been playing state tournament games farther apart this past Saturday, which presented a problem, since they share a coach.

The girls faced Corvallis in Montana’s Class A state quarterfinals at Rocky Mountain College in their hometown at 11 a.m., but the boys played their quarterfinal 414 miles away against host Polson at 4:30 p.m., so naturally Rams coach Didier Ndedi would have to make the “Sophie’s Choice” of soccer, right?

Wrong. In stepped Billings Central principal Shel Hanser, who knew a guy — namely Billings Flying Service owner Gary Blain — that could help, according to the Billings Gazette. And help he did.

“When we found out we had to play in Polson, my idea was to see if we could schedule one of the games on Friday, because then I could drive it myself and come back,” Ndedi told the local paper. “But it was not possible. So I was asking, ‘Is it possible to fly?’ Shel was [like], ‘Oh, yeah, let’s see, I think I know someone.’”

All went according to plan, as the girls defeated Corvallis, 3-1, Ndedi and Billings Central athletic director Richy Powell hopped aboard a small plane for their two-hour flight to Polson, and the boys took care of their hosts, 5-1. The wild day was chronicled on the school’s Twitter account.

Next game BC v Polson in the Flathead Valley! #wearebc pic.twitter.com/NIl2cE8mp9

— BCCHS (@wearebc1) October 17, 2015

Of course, Ndedi had to take the bus six hours back to Billings, but at least the Rams made the trip worth it. The Billings Central boys and girls soccer teams now play their Class A state semifinal games two hours apart on Saturday. Thankfully, both games will be held at Rocky Mountain College — roughly three miles from the high school — so Ndedi won’t even have to leave the bench this time around.

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