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Internet Services to Remain Suspended During Ashura: TV Reports :

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has directed Internet Service Providers to suspend their services in Karachi and various other districts of Sindh on 10th of Muharram or October 24th, 2015, local TV channels are reporting.

TV channels said that internet services are directed to remain offline in Karachi and various other cities of Sindh due to security reasons as terrorists are expected to use internet services to communicate among themselves to attack religious activities on 10th of Moharram.



Not to be mentioned, mobile phone services are also going to remain offline in at least 68 districts across Pakistan.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, however, told ProPakistani that no such directive is issued by the regulator so far. It said that there’s no plan of sending such directive to ISPs relating to 10th of Moharram.

When checked with various ISPs, they hadn’t received any such directives from PTA as of yet.

It is seen that PTA sends such suspension directives at the last minute to make sure that anti-state elements aren’t prepared in advance.

If TV reports are to be believed then it would be first time in the history of the country that internet services will get suspended during month of Moharram.

This is a developing story and we will let you know of any updates.

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