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Google Now Provides An Explanation On Why It Blocked A Site :

So far the norm for Google when it blocks a site is to do it without giving much into the details. All you see rather is a blood-red home page with a little warning notice but that is about to change now.

As of today, Mountain View has tweaked its Transparency Report to include a new Safe Browsing Site Status section. Type the name of a blocked website and the latest status and reason for blockage comes from Google itself.

The blocking isn’t always due to the malware content either; often it is the content uploaded by the user or a temporary malware infection which leads to this event. Sites are listed under any of three categories: “Not Dangerous”, “Partially Dangerous” and “Dangerous”. Users will be able to see what caused the outage of the website, and when was the last time that it was tested.

google transparency report

The new section replaces the company’s Safe Browsing diagnostic page which was launched in 2008. The new page is cleaner & simpler and provides further information like whether the site shows unwanted software or not.

Google notifies the owners itself about the malicious content to further speedup the process. It also updates their status when the issue is resolved. You can visit the page by clicking on this link, and check whether your favorite site is harmful in any way or not.

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