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Growin­g up is all about accept­ing the harsh truths of life and dealin­g with them

KARACHI: Growing up is part of life. When we were children we lived in a fantasy world with a perfect family life to care about us. We imagined life to be a journey and happiness as its destination. But as we grew up, we learnt that life is not what we expected it to be. It’s a cruel teacher which tests you first and then teaches you a sharp lesson. As children, we wanted to grow up as soon as we could because we considered growing up to mean achieving our goals and fulfilling our dreams. But with time, we realise that life is not a piece of cake. We need to face challenges and obstacles to achieve success and sometimes after a lot of hard work, we may still not be able to achieve our goals. Growing up is all about accepting the harsh truths of life and dealing with them.

As children, we become friends with everyone. There is no such thing as jealousy or hatred. As we grow older though, we start holding grudges and want to be seen only with the popular crowd, all the while not realising that it’s not important to have lots of friends; we just need a few good ones. As time passes we leave our loved ones behind and many times our ego destroys our relationships. We face rejections, heartbreaks and get to know that it was best to have broken toys and lost pencils than broken hearts and lost friends. We lose our innocence with the passage of time. We learn to lie and occasionally hide our true selves. Life is complicated and difficult to understand. It has its own ups and downs. The real achievement is to be yourself after facing all these hindrances. We should not let harsh realities bring us down or change us into shells of ourselves.

Warda Masood

Published in The Express Tribune, October 16th, 2015.

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