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6 unheard-of ways to boost energy

Feeling drained after a long, strenuous day makes you feel helpless. Transform your body into a fatigue-fighting machine by knowing on your fingertips how to rejuvenate your energy. As compiled from Health Magazine, shape.com and greatest.com, here are six tricks that can provide you with an instant boost of energy.

See some red

Often linked with qualities, such as winning and self-confidence, the colour red exudes positivity. Try keeping a crimson flower in sight, or simply look at a shade of red in your surroundings to feel more awake. Spotting something that’s scarlet in colour can uplift your mood. According to research, seeing the fiery colour makes your muscles more active, encouraging you to move faster and work harder and changing your mood when your energy level takes a dip. Also associated with danger and threat, the colour red can alert your mind and help boost productivity. So, tap into the power of colour as it can turn your frown upside down.

Consume chia seeds

Chia seeds are packed with a revitalising combination of Vitamin B, fibre and protein, and are considered instant mood-pickers. If you don’t wish to eat them on their own, you can simply mix them in your yoghurt. These kinds of foods benefit the body by delivering maximum nutrients with minimum calories, also aiding in digestion, energy and detoxification. Research proves that just one tablespoon of chia could keep you energised for 24 hours.

Juicing it up

We know you’re hooked onto your morning coffee but believe it or not, having a nutrient-packed drink once every morning will change your life. Drinking a healthy detox juice will not only give you an instant energy boost but will also make you feel less drained and keep your body hydrated all day. Here’s the easiest recipe to fix your mood: first, separate two to four mint leaves and lettuce. Next, cut up half a lemon and one ginger along with a clove of garlic. Put them all in a juicer and blend them. Keep the juicer running for about two minutes and then add one apple to the juice. To spice up your drink, you can add other energy boosting veggies, such as carrots, celery and beet root. You’ve now created your own signature energy drink, which will help regain lost energy within three minutes.

Yawn away

Try to yawn when you feel your body is lacking energy. Yawning is our body’s way of cooling down the brain and waking it up. Heal your mind and rewire your brain by trying to yawn once in a while following three steps. Focus your thoughts on yawning, close your eyes and picture a yawn. Next, fake a yawn or two until the real yawn kicks in. Lastly, slow your breathing as decreased oxygen may help trigger a yawn. It’s a mad but magical way to an energy boost.

Hit the candy jar

Overcome your midday slump by adding a teeny bit of sugar in your diet. Keep a chocolate bar in your bag and devour it when feeling low. Research suggests that flavonoids found in cocoa help boost cognitive skills, improving mood and energy levels. Eating lots of candy will result in fatigue in the long run, so consume only when necessary. When feeling miserable, make candy your first crush.

Laugh out loud

Laughter is a proven stress-buster. Watch a funny video or surround yourself with people who help motivate and uplift you to revitalise your body and mind. Associate yourself with high-energy friends, whose optimism and enthusiasm will rub off on you. You might overlook it but positive vibes are no doubt an instant energy-booster. A good laugh raises your blood pressure and increases heart rate, which can pump you up when you’re feeling sluggish. So, keep your mind stress-free by getting rid of racing thoughts and learn to laugh your heart out when feeling low. Let go of your inhibitions and laugh out loud because laughter is indeed the best medicine.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 23rd, 2015.

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