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10 of the world’s most bizarre wedding traditions

With weddin­g season fast approa­ching, here’s a look at some of the most unique weddin­g tradit­ions around the world

Although weddings are a universal celebration which every couple looks forward to, there are some for whom it can be a horrifying experience. With wedding season fast approaching, here’s a look at some of the most unique wedding traditions from around the world.

1. Pre-planned crying: China


Brides of the Tujia people in China as well as the rest of the women in the family are made to cry for one hour every day, a month prior to the wedding.

2. Breaking dishes: Greece


In the Greek tradition, guests and family members break dishes for good luck.

3. Spit on the bride: Kenya


In a particular Kenyan tribe, the father of the bride blesses his daughter by spitting on her head and breasts.

4. Marrying a tree: India

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In parts of India, some women are assumed to be cursed and would cause their husbands to die an early death. To break the curse they must first be married to a tree which will then be cut down.

5. Blackening the bride: Scotland


Curdled milk, dead fish, spoiled food, tar, sauces, mud, flour and every other nasty thing you can think of is thrown at the bride in Scotland due to the belief that she will be able to handle everything in life.

6. No-shoe groom? Pakistan


Girls from the bride’s side take off the groom’s shoes and do not let him leave with the bride until a ransom is paid.

7. Paint the bride: Bulgaria


In a remote town in Bulgaria, the bride’s face is painted white and decorated with colorful sequins by her female in-laws.

8.  The fat bride: Mauritius


In Mauritania, being ‘fat’ is a sign of well-being and wealth. Girls are sent to ‘fattening farms’ from the age of 5 in preparation for their wedding day.

9. Grooms play dress-up: Papua New Guinea 


Tribesmen of Papua New Guinea paint their bodies and wear colourful feathered costumes in attempts to impress the bride.

10. Log cutting: Germany


In Germany, newlyweds are made to put their bond to test by working together to saw a log in half in front of all their guests. It is done to showcase the bride and groom’s ability to work together.

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