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Can you guess who this Pakistani celebrity is?

Guess who?

Guess who?

The platinum blonde fad isn’t a Kardashian obsession anymore. Even Pakistani celebrities have joined the bandwagon and have been spotted flaunting their golden locks.

Surprise, surprise! Ayyan Ali is the newest celeb to turn blonde!

Celebrity sightings this week: Blonde hair, don’t care

Her court trials proved that criminal or not, this supermodel has definitely got game.




‘Model student’: Ayyan goes back to school

Here are the different shades of blonde that the model-turned-singer has been sporting for some time:

1. The desi blonde:

It starts with a ‘copper’ tinge. Most of us are blessed with that undertone by default. Ayyan too went through that phase:

2. The ultimate goal:

Slowly venturing into the lighter side. Ayyan nailed it this time with the perfect shade of ash blonde:

3. You can’t tell which blonde:

Full on blonde. We can’t figure out the exact shade in this image, but we’re wondering whether it’s the work of Instagram filters… Thoughts?:

Is this who we think it is?

If you think the Kardashian sisters and their newly inspired stepsister Kylie Jenner are Ayyan’s muses…


You’re wrong…

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