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Ahsan Khan signs two projects with Zee TV

Actor talks about his latest ventur­e with ZeeTV and being offere­d projec­ts in Bollyw­ood

Actor talks about his latest venture with ZeeTV and being offered projects in Bollywood. PHOTO: AHSANKHAN

Actor talks about his latest venture with ZeeTV and being offered projects in Bollywood. PHOTO: AHSANKHAN

KARACHI: Ahsan Khan has a busy schedule lined up, and that’s because Zee TV has roped in the Pakistani actor for several new ventures. In an interview with The Express Tribune, the talented actor opened up about his projects in India.

His first Zee TV venture, Mohabat Ki Akhri Kahani, is loosely based on popular Sindhi folklore Moomal Rano and will be penned by Zafar Miraj.

“Mohabat Ki Akhri Kahani is a short film which is going to be screened at film festivals in India. There are going to be six movies from Pakistan in total, and while a few have already been made, I might be doing one or two more besides this one,” he said.

The short film will see him romance Pakistani actress Saba Qamar; the actor disclosed that he will be playing the role of an educated Sindhi guy while Saba Qamar will portray a Sindhi girl from a good family.

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However, the script will only borrow elements from the original folklore, instead of copying it entirely. It will showcase modern-day elements, and focus on the fact that even in this day and age, love marriages fail to work in typical Sindhi families. The topic of honour killing is also mildly touched upon in the movie.


The actor also cleared our confusion about Indian actors being a part of the film, since it’s an Indian venture, by saying that the cast is purely Pakistani and includes actors Salman Saeed and Zainab Jameel.

We were wondering whether Ahsan Khan would follow in the footsteps of his peers and consider making his debut in Bollywood. To this, he confessed that he has been offered a few films in Bollywood, but he’s waiting for the right time even though some scripts seem really interesting.

In addition to that, Ahsan has also been asked to host a singing competition by Zee TV in which singers from Pakistan, India and UAE will be competing.

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Discussing his reasons for doing this film, the actor said, “I like doing challenging roles. Even in my serials, I like to play diverse characters; I played the role of Ranjha, a Punjabi speaking Sikh, for TV serial Heer Ranjha. I don’t mind experimenting with my characters. For me, acting is the most important thing, everybody has good looks and style. I’m here to act, irrespective of whether others like my acting or not.”

Mohabat Ki Akhri Kahani will be directed by Sirajul Haq and will screen at India’s film festival from January to February next year.

Ahsan has previously been cast in hit drama serials like Daastaan, Niyyat, Paani Jaisa Pyaar, Mutthi Bhar Chaawal and Heer Ranjha. He is undoubtedly one of the most diversified and versatile Pakistani actors.

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