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Watch: SRK and Kajol back as Raj and Simran!

This is possibly the best thing you will see today. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB

This is possibly the best thing you will see today. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB

Twenty years on and we’re still as in love with Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge as we were when it first came out.

#20YearsOfDDLJ I know shocking right…where has time gone??

— Noreen Khan (@DJNoreenKhan) October 19, 2015

The iconic SRK-Kajol film which took the duo and Aditya Chopra to the heights of success is still the benchmark for romantic films in Bollywood.

And now, after two decades, the makers of DDLJ have decided to give fans a special treat by sharing a ‘making’ of the film featuring behind-the-scenes footage and candid interviews with the cast.

20 years on: A treat in the making for DDLJ fans

Even SRK couldn’t contain his excitement!

Want to thk Team Rohit Shetty & Red Chillies for doing this last minute.All looked happy that I picked Kajol again pic.twitter.com/AioOeaCPkL

— Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) October 19, 2015

And the DDLJ Twitter page had a delightful surprise waiting for fans:


Released in a three part series, the ‘making’ reveals Kajol’s reluctance to shoot the popular song Mere Khawbo Mein Jo Aaye in a towel to Shah Rukh’s apprehensions of starring in a romantic film:

EXCLUSIVE! Re-live the eternal story of love. Watch the making of the BLOCKBUSTER! http://t.co/GaMERVXpAa #20YearsOfDDLJ

— DDLJ (@DDLJ) October 19, 2015

Here are a few interesting highlights:

– Kajol is a brat. She’s loud, she’s noisy, she’s too difficult to control. Adi used to get fed up, Farida Jalal wanted to kill her. I had to control her because I was her best friend. Her preparation is this nervous energy. Yash uncle used to call her pagli. But when the camera rolled, bang boom she was on: KJo on Kajol

– You will not find a better pair of eyes than Kajol’s: SRK on Kajol

– I never went to a film school, assisted in anything else. My only training ground as a filmmaker is Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge: KJo

‘Dilwale’ enters final phase of production

And of course, Twitter was flooded with #DDLJ love:

20 Years and still running..EPIC
#20YearsOfDDLJ pic.twitter.com/gH5n4o6p18

— Kajol Fan Club (@KajolManiaNet) October 19, 2015

they did me cry, they did me smile. They did me happy, they did me sad. This is all about DDLJ ❤ #20YearsOfDDLJ pic.twitter.com/0Yx7ssuZsg

— SRKαjol Dilwαle❤ (@CarlaSrkajol) October 16, 2015

Success like this, cannot go unnoticed. Congratulations @iamsrk @KajolAtUN and the entire cast! #20YearsofDDLJ

— MariaAjmal (@MariaAjmal) October 15, 2015

#20YearsOfDDLJ – Grand celebration this weekend on Bollywood Billboard @Lotusfm @yrf @iamsrk #Kajol pic.twitter.com/W7goOFWBFM

— Varshan Sookhun (@Varshan_Sookhun) October 15, 2015

Some shared parodies of the famous train scene:

It’s #20YearsOfDDLJ but if it was up to Ranveer Singh & Arjun Kapoor, they would have their own version. pic.twitter.com/Zvmn0anDDp

— Ranveer Encyclopedia (@RSEncyclopedia) October 20, 2015

Others shared their favourite scenes through gifs and vines:

13 iconic dialogues of @DDLJ!
#DDLJBestMovieEver #20YearsOfDDLJ @iamsrk @KajolAtUN @yrf

https://t.co/V4JXn93Ffa pic.twitter.com/4OGClWq3V6

— Desimartini (@DMmovies) October 20, 2015

Raj & his adorable antics! #20YearsOfDDLJ (Vine by @yrf) https://t.co/SkyMH76hAI

— ♡ SRK RUSSIAN FC ♡ (@SRKFC_Russia) October 15, 2015

An SRK-Kajol doll!

Celebrating #20YearsOfDDLJ with SRK Doll Tribute by @breakfreeofbox https://t.co/RNHQrKTbWU #DDLJBestMovieEver @yrf pic.twitter.com/uNCk1onKQB

— ♥KING KHAN CLUB♥ (@KingKhanClub1) October 20, 2015

And then, there is this amazing video of Shah Rukh and Kajol reliving the moments from their iconic film:

Isn’t this the best thing you have seen today?

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