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The real Mrs. Erin | USA Today High School Sports

Mrs. Erin is the head of the snack shack, and always welcoming. Most of us have come to know her from our frequent trips to the snack shack, but never really bothered to have an actual conversation.  Most the students at Chartiers Valley High School don’t know the true Mrs. Erin or much of anything of her personal life. While being a wife for twenty-six years, she also is a mother. Her daughter is Kelsey who is twenty-six, and her son, Colin, is twenty. She began working at Chartiers Valley fifteen years ago when her son entered kindergarten. She made a promise to him that she would stay until he graduated from high school. She had no plans to work at the school for so long. While being a snack shack lady, she also has a nuclear medicine technologist degree. She took this job to make sure she had enough money so both her children could go to a decent college. During our interview she confessed that if she could change her profession she would have chosen forensics psychology. Overall she is very happy with how her life turned out.  I asked her what she has learned from working in the snack shack and she said that the number one thing she learned is patience. She states “you kids aren’t easy to deal with, but I’ve learned how to manage”. Mrs. Erin has seen it all from rude students, to fights, and the evolution of the school. The last thing I asked her about was what advice she has for the students reading this article.  She responded with “high school is only a small part of your life, don’t let the drama get to you. Focus on the future so you could have the best life possible.” After talking to Mrs. Erin, I have gained a whole new level of respect for her. She truly cares for all the students and puts up with them. She is one of the most genuine and sweet people at this school. Instead of just viewing her as the snack shack lady, students should take a moment and realize that she is much more. Everyone should try to get to know her better and meet the true Mrs. Erin who is a loving mother and caring staff lady in the school.


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