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Recruiting Tip: Be careful with social media | USA Today High School Sports

(Photo: Playced)

(Photo: Playced)

Imagine this: you are a star athlete, talking to the top colleges in the nation. Not thinking about the consequences, one of your tweets is inappropriate or even misinterpreted.  In the click of a button, your phone stops ringing.  The college coaches have stopped calling.  This scenario has happened numerous times to the top recruits in the nation. How do you think it might affect your recruiting process if you aren’t a four star recruit, or if your post is truly inappropriate?

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Does this mean you need to delete every social media account you’ve ever created? No. But you should heed caution before you post or tweet. Florida Athletic Director, Patrick Chun described a tweet or Facebook post as a “virtual tattoo.” When you tweet something or post something on Facebook, it is permanent.

Coaches are serious about monitoring their players’ and recruits’ social media activities. Your actions on social media are a reflection on you.  College coaches want players that will represent their school in a positive light and ones they don’t have to babysit. As an athlete, your character reflects your school and it should be of the highest standard.

Here is a good rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t want your grandmother to read it, don’t post it!

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