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KPK Government Advertises a Website, to Promote Tourism, That Doesn’t Open :

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government last week published an advertisements about their tourism department in top tier national newspapers (Including Jang Newspaper) to announce that provincial government guest houses can now be booked/rented by the general public.

KPK advertisements, cost of which would be in millions, were primarily aimed at encouraging general public to book provincial government owned guest houses and they even mentioned a website for online booking to ease up the whole process.

But fortunately the website doesn’t simply open.


Ask about the magnitude of this blunder from any private organization and you will come to know how brutal and criminal it is to publish an ad in papers with a wrong website URL or with a dysfunctional website URL.

We have talked over and again about lack of interest from government institutes towards their websites. No wonder our official websites are of almost no value and look and feel of majority of official websites is from late 90’s, if not before.

At a time when we are talking about Digital Pakistan and where internet penetration is growing YoY in three digits figure, such posteriorities towards internet and online websites is beyond comprehension.

it is wondered that why Government institutes just overlook the benefits of their online presence and why they don’t hire professionals to maintain, run and operate their websites.

This is just an indication of why these gentlemen sitting in assemblies just don’t understand the importance of internet. But, if we want to prosper as a country, this has to change. This has to change at earliest.

Below is KPK ad published in newspapers on October 16th, 2015:


Thanks Ali Raza for tipping.

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