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How to prevent focal point in images from being cut off | USA Today High School Sports

You have a great photo to accompany your story.  While the photo may look great displayed from within the story, or on a laptop or tablet, sometimes the photo is cropped awkwardly when displayed on a mobile device.

Problem:  The main focal point is being cut off when displayed on a mobile device or tablet or in the news feed.

Solution: Edit the image thumbnails to reset the focal point

For example, while the photo below looks great within the story, it might not look the same when optimized on a mobile device.  This is because of automatic cropping that occurs in the system so the photos can fit on various devices.

Beau Burrows

The good news is that we can edit the different thumbnail versions of the photo.  (This will not be necessary to do for all photos.)

You can click here for a .pdf on how to edit the thumbnails, or read the following instructions.


How to Edit the Thumbnails of the Featured Image

From the new post / edit post screen, go to Featured Image, and click on Set Featured Image.
Scroll down on the right and click on the Show Thumbnails
Several thumbnail versions of the photo will be displayed. Click on a thumbnail to edit it.
Drag the cropping box so that the focal point of the photo is displayed.
Click Save Changes.
This will return you to the thumbnail view. Click on another thumbnail to edit, follow steps 4 and 5 to edit.
Click Update Media to save all changes to the photo image.
Now when the image is viewed on mobile or tablet devices, the image will appear as you want.


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