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Easing into winter : How to avoid getting sick during seasonal change

Precau­tions before you’re bedrid­den with flu, fever and all those viral infect­ions

While the sun is still smiling bright and cheerful and the scorching heat on some days makes us jittery, there’s no denying that we’re heading inroads into the winter season. Wave your goodbyes to the end of heat waves, and the beginning of an exciting yet bothersome cold weather. And if you want to relish the unpredictable chilly weather of Pakistan, make sure to take precautions before you’re bedridden with flu, fever and all those viral infections even before its arrival. During this transition we are more at risk of getting sick because our immune system is indecisive as it adapts to the new change. Compiled from a report published on www.jacquierobertson.ca by health therapist Jacquie Robertson, Women’s health magazine and aboutentertainmentinfo.com, discover the do’s and don’ts to prevent falling sick to the change of season.

1Say no to a sugar rush

It’s true that sugar depletes the immune system, taking away precious nutrients from your body and the healthy bacteria from your digestive tract. Consuming too much refined sugar can compromise your immune system and force it to work harder to fight back. With most of our bodies already on an up-hill battle to combat our body’s defenses, don’t make it harder for yourself by adding a lump sum of sugar to your tank. At this time of the year, your immune system definitely needs some kind of loving so don’t push it until your body starts crying out for help when you’re already half way there.

2 Don’t be a gym fanatic

Take it easy at the gym; because of weather change your body is already under enough stress and in a state of confusion. So rest up, and take it slow for strenuous physical activity such as running and weight lifting which will break down your immune system further. Watch out, listen to your body carefully and don’t be a macho at the gym because you don’t want fate hitting right back at you.

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3 Don’t change clothes suddenly

As much as you want to gear yourself up in winter apparel, don’t! Wait for the weather to settle in first. Even if you feel the cold pinching you, patience is the best virtue. Keep a light jacket on if you must, but don’t layer up until your body gets used to the change of season. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

4 Wash your hands regularly

Wash your hands more often. Losing as many germs as possible will put you at a lower risk of catching a viral infection. Using a medicated soap is even better but hand wash will be helpful too. You’ll be surprised to know that such precautions will help your body to prevent a full blown outburst of sickness.

5 Say yes to vitamins

Include more vitamins in your daily diet routine. It’s not rocket science that vitamins boost our immune system, but many people fall sick because of sheer laziness to drive up till the pharmacy. Munching on lots of seasonal fruits will quickly lift your immune system, keeping you in good shape and kicking starting a fun winter.

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6 Dispose tissue after use

Making use of a tissue after sneezing or blowing your nose means the tissue must go straight into the bin instead of lying around the house. This may seem like a mere precaution but in actuality if ignored, it can spread rampant infections. So break the red signal by marinating hygiene.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 20th, 2015.

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